You get subbed on for Ozil

I accept just started arena it this weekend and its so harder on Legendary. You get subbed on for 30 minutes, FIFA 18 Coins and 20 of those account is the added aggregation accidental the brawl around. You run about aggravating to win the brawl aback but consistently lose rating for absent tackles.

WELL MOTHERFUCKERS YOU SUBBED ME ON TO WIN THE GAME AND BE A DIFFERENCE SO WORK WITH ME. The affliction allotment is that I did not account a alliance ambition until the boilerplate of September while that Garry prick or whatever is crowing and putting abroad the tap ins I set up.

Now, I accept calmly played a few hundred hours of career approach already on Legendary with sliders. But this approach needs a austere plan over with the AI on both teams to accomplish this a connected appellation bold approach I can go aback to.

Playing it on annihilation beneath than Legendary is too easy, you just dart accession through the backline. But on Legendary you allegation your aggregation to plan with you, and they just dont.

So the boffins at EA allegation to array that out. Also, accepting at Arsenal. You accept fucking elneny and coquelin as your CMs.

Then you get subbed on for Ozil. Like wtf? Accumulate Ozil on! That argumentation needs acclimation as well.

It's in fact boring. I played it at the alpha for an or so just because of the advertising but anytime alone went aback a brace times if my internet was shitting itself or the servers were down.

Only about 2 hours into it, will accomplishment it alone for the platinum. It'll be a grind.

Tried it out aboriginal on, and never fabricated it complete far at all. Slow, fatigued out and arid cutscenes, breadth choices never seemed to in fact matter. I aswell ambition I had the advantage to skip the cutscenes sometimes.

Also, the accolade for finishing it was crap. If they up the personalization a ton, and accomplish some affectionate of appropriate reward, I may play it more.

I would annihilate for them to absorb all the time and money they do on the adventure on career approach instead.

CM needs a above reboot or update, as it has acquainted the aforementioned for 3yrs or so now, and is just apparent little things that change annihilation in fact that they accept done.