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Game News

  • ​Damage numbers appear manner better than they was once in OG WotLK

    Is it simply me or do human beings do manner greater harm on common than again withinside the day? If you appearance up vintage films of globalwide first kills from the pinnacle guilds and examine the harm numbers with the DPS on WotLK traditional, there may be simply too huge of a distinction. Even in case you appearance up greater latest fil ...

    Jan-27-2023 PST | Categories:WOW WoTLK Classic

  • ​49ers' Scratch Bosa Titles Madden 23 Player Appraisals Update After Week 13

    One of the NFL's best guarded players features the Madden 23 player evaluations after Week 13: Scratch Bosa. The San Francisco 49ers edge-rusher rose to a 97 generally in the wake of having been evaluated 96 by and large since Week 9. Bosa collected a prevailing execution in San Francisco's 33-17 win over the Miami Dolphins last week, p ...

    Dec-10-2022 PST | Categories:Madden 23

  • ​Idk who desires to listen this however

    Going 13/27 in a loss isn't always excellent. Especially now no longer once you cross in sport chat and say your teammates are not gambling group ball after 1 region at the same time as you are 2/7. So you & your boy ball hog and lose the lead withinside the subsequent 2 mins doing so. Especially now no longer if on the quit ...

    Nov-25-2022 PST | Categories:NBA 2K23