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Game News

  • EA Sports FC 24: 10 Best Path To Glory Players

    The Festival of Football in EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team has brought forth some impressive Path to Glory (PTG) cards, which will receive boosts based on their national teams' performances in major tournaments like the Euros and Copa América. Here are ten of the best Path to Glory players you can consider adding to your team: &nb ...

    Jun-12-2024 PST | Categories:FC 24

  • Dark and Darker: Allow free-to-play players to use higher gear loot

    After the initial backlash over its "misleading" free-to-play model, developer Ironmace has made significant changes to the free-to-play experience in Dark and Darker. Previously, free players were limited to using Common rarity items, but following the backlash, a hotfix was introduced on June 10, allowing free-to-play players to equi ...

    Jun-10-2024 PST | Categories:Dark And Darker

  • FC 24 Path To Glory Tracker Guide

    The FC 24 Path To Glory (PTG) tracker is a key feature of EA Sports FC 24's celebration of Euro 2024. This event allows players to track and utilize upgraded player cards based on their national team's performance in the tournament. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding how it works and the current players included. What ...

    Jun-06-2024 PST | Categories:FC 24