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Game News

  • ​EA Sports FC 24: Alex Hunter's Journey in FIFA 17

    EA Sports FC 24 recently revisited FIFA 17's iconic story mode, "The Journey," featuring the rise of talented young player Alex Hunter. In a one-hour episode posted on PlayStation 5, the community got a chance to relive the remarkable moments and reflect on the impact of this immersive storytelling experience. Let's delve into Alex Hunter's pe ...

    Jun-03-2023 PST | Categories:EA Sports FC

  • ​Diablo 4: What is Hardcore Mode?

    Diablo 4 wouldn't be something very similar on the off chance that it didn't transport with a Hardcore Mode, and this is the way this unique mode works alongside what the rewards are. As a series, Diablo offers a lot of plunder for players to pursue as they fight the dull forces that hide across each side of Safe-haven. Be that as it ma ...

    May-30-2023 PST | Categories:Diablo4

  • ​Diablo 4's Shadow Sniper Build Explained

    Players hoping to utilize the Rogue in Diablo 4 may want to check out the Shadow Sniper build for a purely ranged approach that deals massive damage. Alongside the Sorcerer and Necromancer, the Rogue is one of the more versatile and strong classes in Diablo 4. One of the qualities that makes playing as a Rogue convincing is the class' a ...

    May-28-2023 PST | Categories:Diablo4