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Game News

  • Wildhammer Clan Quartermaster Location in WoW Cataclysm Classic

    Farming reputation in World of Warcraft can be tedious, but the rewards, especially the gear, can be well worth the effort. The Wildhammer Clan quartermaster offers a range of valuable items for all classes.Location of the Wildhammer Clan Quartermaster· Quartermaster Name: Craw MacGraw· Location: Thundermar, Twilight Highlands·  ...

    May-28-2024 PST | Categories:WoW Cataclysm Classic

  • All Path of Exile Classes and Ascendancy Subclasses

    Path of Exile (PoE) offers a diverse range of classes and Ascendancy subclasses, each with unique attributes and playstyles. Your choice of class and Ascendancy significantly impacts your character's build, abilities, and overall gameplay experience. Here is an overview of all the main classes and their corresponding Ascendancy subclasses in ...

    May-26-2024 PST | Categories:path of exile

  • Diablo 4 Season 4 Goals and Aspirations

    As the gates of Sanctuary swing open once more, adventurers from far and wide converge upon the desolate landscapes of Diablo 4, each with their own goals and aspirations for Season 4. In the shadow of looming darkness and whispered prophecies, the time has come to chart a course through the trials and tribulations that await, forging a path tow ...

    May-22-2024 PST | Categories:Diablo4