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Game News

  • ​Dark and Darker update buffs Wizards and adds low-level matchmaking

    Dark and Darker update 12 is hanging around for the early access adaptation of the Ironmace dungeon crawler RPG, including Wizard buffs and matchmaking for new characters. Dark and Darker Update 12 has shown up for Ironmace's old-fashioned dungeon-slithering RPG game. The extraction-style PvPvE game has found itself a devoted crowd in s ...

    Sep-16-2023 PST | Categories:Dark And Darker

  • ​Diablo 4 Releases Update 1.1.4

    Blizzard subtleties are the full fix notes for update 1.1.4 for Diablo 4, including bug fixes and a major change to one of the Season Blessings. Blizzard uncovered the full Diablo 4 fix notes for Update 1.1.4, which will be sent off on September 12. This time, players will find an update to Diablo 4's Season Blessings that will possibly ...

    Sep-11-2023 PST | Categories:Diablo4

  • ​How To Find (and Beat) the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker

    Exploring the prisons in Dark and Darker, you will experience a wide range of foes and other players. Fortunately, you can collaborate with two additional players to shape a group of various classes and works for endurance. However, in certain prisons, you need to depend just on your solidarity and abilities, for example, in The Goblin Caves. ...

    Sep-05-2023 PST | Categories:Dark And Darker