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Game News

  • ​Are swift/crit artillerists viable

    I have hit 1445 for my alt artillerist. I have 1 gold engraving and an 8/7 stone. However, looking at the specs of the relic accounts, it's too costly to purchase an alt. A full swiftness 5x3 is a possibility. Should I choose the nightmare relics set and full swift in lieu of the meta-spec wheelchair? I'm a member of the reflux sorc and ...

    Aug-15-2022 PST | Categories:Lost Ark

  • ​Questions approximately Wow TBC and WOTLK from a noob

    Hello men! First time i have performed wow, changed into three years in the past with WoW classic. I performed most effective 2 months, after which i had uninstalled it. Don't bear in mind why... Maybe i used to be bored purpose if i bear in mind properly, i had created one of every magnificence, leveled them until 15-25 stage after which i us ...

    Aug-05-2022 PST | Categories:WOW WoTLK Classic

  • ​When the coaching tree comes up

    I don't see any reference to regression in the coaching tree when it is mentioned. What if coaches ever experience a decline or loss of capabilities they possess? What is the rationale to ever move on from a fully-developed head coach? I love to run these mockups into a scenarios from the real world. What would have stopped the Eagles t ...

    Jul-25-2022 PST | Categories:Madden 23