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Game News

  • High Tier Weapons and Armor Guide Early in Skull and Bones

    In the vast and treacherous seas of Skull and Bones, every pirate seeks to arm themselves with the most formidable weapons and armor to dominate the waves. With various tiers of gear available, plundering the deadliest treasures often seems like a distant dream for many aspiring buccaneers. However, there exists a method – a cunning strategy ...

    Feb-23-2024 PST | Categories:Skull and Bones

  • Analyzing the Discrepancy in Exploitation Strike's Healing Mechanism

    The recent introduction of Exploitation Strike, the new ability for warlocks in blood pact mode, has sparked discussions regarding its functionality, particularly in comparison to its in-game description. While the ability purportedly heals the user for 5% of the target's HP upon a physical hit, empirical testing reveals significant deviatio ...

    Feb-20-2024 PST | Categories:Dark And Darker

  • Ravendawn Online: A Quick Guide to Easy Money through Crafting

    Hi guys! Today we will explore a mini tutorial on how to easily generate income through the creation of "tracks". This method is a fairly easy way to get in-game currency, simply by collecting common materials. In this tutorial, we will focus on creating building materials using 10D High and 22 small locks. Let's dive into the exciting world o ...

    Feb-19-2024 PST | Categories:Ravendawn