WOW TBC Classic: ​Gearing guide


My goal is to test ramparts one time and, if the speed is enough to cause an limit the instance, then I'll be doing it until it locks out before proceeding.


The Bis Chest (ret item) Pants, belt (hunter item) Boots, gloves (hunter item) as well as a quest to get an upgrade for your shoulder.

This is expensive because chest has 3 gems, belt 2 gems, the pants 3 gems, boots are 2 gems, gloves two gems, for 10x str gems per 100 str... This is in addition to the helm with 3 sockets from Zangarmarsh that you'll obtain regardless of whether you're doing ramps or not.

There are better options that are available in BF, SP, and UB... however, Ramps is lightning fast... the other options aren't so fast. I'm fairly certain that a 5dk group can hit ramps in less than 15 min.

If I do not use any ramps... I'm not sure if ramps are necessary. above "shopping lists" is generally acceptable for upgrades to gear after having a look at the actual numbers.

The 4pc of Fel iron is a fast and simple "set" that can bring the best results, without any incidents... Chest in The HFP rare quest could be the perfect off piece, especially because the set chest has 64 requirements.

Weapons-wise... My one and only request is that I purchase BoE axes that are likely to be 64 and 63. They'll be close to the blade of misfortune with regards to strength, but I'll orc-based for the experience which makes them a small improvement (and DKs enchant their own weapons, so why not) as well as allowing me to improve my weapon skills to hone my voidaxe earlier. Non-orcs can switch at 64 but not likely 63.

In terms of Trinkets, the Zangar pvp trinket is interesting (flat APT, and an ability heal) However, it isn't clear how easily marks will be found. I'm probably going to use bladefists breadth using it, and then get the Terrokar AP trinket, if I don't manage to get the zangar pvp trinket.

The majority of my gearing is on increasing the STR, AP, Critical/Agi... I'm planning to mostly do AoE grinding and questing during flasked or scrolled... And the gear will be AOE specific, so I'm most concerned about increasing my attack power , and in turn, spell damage. Weapon damage won't play a significant role. DND/Diseases (glyphed and gifted) is likely to do the majority all the heavy lifting... And, ideally blood boils when death strikes when i am able to.

Even if you're talented, this level of consumption is likely to be more than the DnD CD, however.

I've not looked into much the gear that comes after 65... I'm not going to be dungeon-running over ramparts, which means that upgrades will happen to be stumbled on by accident... And we're not sure if we're receiving DK prepatch or otherwise, and that is what makes an enormous difference... Should we don't get prepatch DKs, then you purchase BoEs that are 67+ levels from all northrend levelers who are dumping on their greens... In the event that we receive prepatch DKs and then you search for active BoEs to attempt to quickly raid content.

Update: My plan has had some changes. My current goal is to balance cost along with the speeds... It's not likely to be the way to pursue a speed-leveling world first since I'll be working towards leveling my profession first. However,

I'll be able to level this profession at any time which means it's not waste of time.

1. Engineer to Cap, create goggles for engi that are wearable at 62. You can now wear the meta gem (ap/runspeed is my preferred choice)

2, exactly 1 ramparts run. The goal is to find one or all of these "bis" items that are socketable, specifically, to make the meta gem active. You should aim for an item called the "ret" chest, which has sta/str/int (the int is obviously not needed however it does provide sockets, without affecting the other plans for gearing)

3. 3 Fel iron plate set 4 pieces (ideally belts, boots gloves, pants) gives you 20 str ... This set is a steal and will last the majority or all until 70... If you do not have the chest with ramps it is possible to sub in the chest made of iron to complete the 4pc however that item is level 64 and must be worn, whereas the rest of them can be worn up to 62. This is the reason you'd like the ramps chest.

It's worth noting in terms of damage, that the set of absolute bis ramparts which adds an additional 10 gems is only at 1.2 percentage in crit (at 70) and about 80 attack power greater (though more of the total attack power comes from strength around 25 more str ), which would result in a small gain scaling through talents and weapons enchant... This isn't an issue, but definitely not worth the time spent building ramparts in chains and spending money for a lot of gems.

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