Why Low Apprenticed Shots are so OP this year

The acumen why Low Apprenticed Shots are so OP this year (from a computer programmer's POV). Aboriginal of all we accept to accept that an AI doesn't in fact anticipate for itself nor does it learn FIFA 18 Coins. EVERYTHING an AI does, it's because it's been programmed to do it.

At it's a lot of basal form, we can anticipate of AI as a huge arrangement of codicillary statements (IF this, do something. ELSE do something else) and the added accretion power, the added circuitous calculations/decisions that AI can make. How does that translate to FIFA ? well, this year attackers are able to accomplish new types of shots. Cool. But EA forgot (or I'm about abiding they did could could cause they accepted accomplishing it before) one CRUCIAL aspect in adjustment to antithesis it out. GOALKEEPERS.

I already mentioned how an AI can abandoned do what it is programmed to do. Able-bodied now you accept FIFA 17 attackers able to accomplish new blazon of shots, but GKs (AI) were larboard with about no accoutrement to adverse it. And by tool, I'm apropos to animations. Literally, there are about no activity that acquiesce GKs to go low and save shots. The abandoned one I can anticipate of is if they stick their bottom out, and that's it.

And how do I apperceive that's why low apprenticed shots are OP ? Bethink aback in FIFA 14 how over the top through assurance were torn as fuck, area already the canyon was fabricated your CBs would in fact benumb and delay till the brawl passes them afore tracking back. Well, the next year, on an account announcement FIFA 15, a dev in fact accepted that it was abandoned OP because they didn't advise the AI how to acknowledge to these blazon of situations.

Every year, EA makes the aforementioned abuse mistake. You can't blow one ancillary of the bold and leave the added as is. It's like 2 weights on a scale. If you add/remove on one side, you gotta do the aforementioned for the other, or abroad the calibration becomes unbalanced.

I bethink aback in July if EA appear the new appearance for FIFA 17 (Shielding, Set Pieces, Advancing Techniques and Low Apprenticed Shots), I fabricated a column advertence how EA are abacus new appearance on one end (attacking) but carelessness the opposite ancillary (defending) and how I'm abiding Shielding and Apprenticed Shots would be OP.

It's basically just the cycle of FIFA Mobile Coins. Next year low-driven shots will be abandoned and something abroad will be OP (probably heading, aback it's been a few years aback branch has been OP). The year afterwards it will be near-post again.