Why Isn't Anyone Interested In Big Pgs Anymore In NBA 2K22 Nextgen


While I can appreciate that the meta is a mix of midget left and right cheesers, I usually create tall PGs who can protect effectively. (I'm a 6'6" 2 way 3 point playmaker that I absolutely love.) Do you really provide you with a huge advantage offensively, which you'd prefer to sacrifice more defense? Is it possible that being shorter could hinder your ability to defend when playing this game? (Contesting, passing lane steals, etc.)

It's all about your style of play and the team. If you're petite and an iso player and you're into a solid defensive player with an IQ, most likely, there's no. However, if you're with players who know how to set up screens and get you open...yes. I'm a 6'5 two-way scoring machine at 2. I typically have to guard these tiny guards, and I'm not worried so long as my teammates are willing to step up on screens and play defense at times. It's true, I'm the one who has to protect these PGs as well, and my team is pretty proficient in switching between and hedging screens to aid. I'm also wondering if the baby PGs do not gain the ability to defend as they gain more offensive tools. What is the disadvantage to being the PG is short and defense isn't an issue?

They do have to sacrifice height and weight in order to increase speed. I'd think that more often than not they're all offensive and lack defensive badges. The majority of the time I play them, if they don't get 10 points in the first quarter, they'll quit. Some are OP in their game and will always find a way to score. Therefore, my task is to keep them in check and minimize the impact. I've had to play against players who are able to crossover, run across the opposite side, and stop and shoot before my player gets a chance to get out of his posture. They're not losing any points on defense, they just finish. If you go to the player-created version and you'll be able to obtain 90 plus perimeter defense, and 99 steals and still have 99-speed stats on ball-handling speed and passing at 90+ shooting. The builder is broken.

It's just a matter of looking at numbers without any background. All the perimeter and steal defense that you can get take into account the wingspan of six feet. You don't get any steal in the passing lane that isn't directly at your chest. You also receive a small amount of steals that are so short until the point that pickpocket isn't worth the points.

In addition, the perimeter defense doesn't offer much of a shot competition increase like it can for taller players who have good perimeter defense statistics. Any forward can hit you right in the face in a lower 10% chance of winning. This is a huge trade-off. As a short guard, you're pushing those numbers to such a high level that you could attain sub- or defender status in contrast to a completely mediocre defense without the benefit of it.

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