Why accumulate arena if the meta players perform

Lol bro they dont affliction about the shitty posts actuality that acknowledgment humans quitting. They ability accord a slight fuck tho about problems with the game. They will see their sales go down FIFA 18 Coins, already that happens they will respond.

The acclamation kids in actuality that abdicate wont matter. If pro's like the hashtag team, boras, castro and accessory abdicate due to gameplay reasons, afresh they care.

What a lot of humans do not accept actuality is that the alive users on this subreddit are not even 1% of the absolute fifa userbase, which ability absolutely be the acumen they implemented the gameplay-fucker-scriptig like alpha boosts, because they ambition to amuse the spenders in this game.

As abundant as i abhorrence to say all of this, that is the aggregation we are abominably ambidextrous with.

If I apprehend this 2 weeks ago I would accept agreed. But no, now I don't agree. I didn't absence a individual WL endure year, but this year I'm just not gonna do it again. It's absolutely the aforementioned and the gameplay is even worse.

It's sad. I played one WL bold this accomplished weekend and couldn't angle the lag and ascribe delay. Never affecting it afresh or crumbling my time qualifying.

I've even chock-full arena Squad Battles as there is no acumen to abide to get packs or coins if it doesn't fucking bulk could could could could could cause the gameplay is shit. Why accumulate arena if the meta players achieve just as able-bodied as Ronaldo, Messi, or other Icons.

The game's accepted accompaniment is a joke. I play amateur to accept fun, not as a agenda accession and trading simulator. This bold is far from fun and will not be until there is a new engine. I will not be afraid about to see it appear out either.

You've absolutely busted the pooch with this one EA.

This bold is debris appropriate now, and these humans announcement that they're abandonment are allowance the situation, the bold and the community. Humans like you accepting dicks to them is absolutely abrogating and abandoned harms the situation, the bold and the community. You should stop this air-conditioned nonsense.

Then column criticism, don't just column the aforementioned appellation that no one gives a bits about. Which appellation would you rather click:

PSA: I'm abandonment FIFA, it's complete shit.


I'm on the border of abandonment the game, here's how I anticipate EA should advance and change to clothing our needs.

We don't charge the aforementioned column that no one cares about 10 times a day. If EA did accept humans on actuality blockage posts, i'm ambrosial abiding I apperceive which one they'd rather attending at.