Where to Find Blood Platforms in Dark and Darker


Finding Blood Platforms in Dark and Darker can be a bit of a challenge due to the varying map layouts. Here's a detailed guide to help you locate them.


Where to Find Blood Platforms


    Location: Blood Platforms are found in the Inferno area, one of the toughest regions in Dark and Darker. The Inferno can be accessed through a red portal from the Howling Crypts.

    Specific Area: Within the Inferno, Blood Platforms are usually located in the southwest corner of the map. The layout can vary with different versions of the map, so exploration is key.

    Room Identification: Look for a room that has a Resurrection Shrine at its center. This room often also contains a Shrine of Protection. Occasionally, you might find an Escape Portal here as well.

    Map Navigation: Since the Blood Platforms can be in slightly different locations depending on the map variant, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the general layout of the Inferno. Be prepared to explore and adapt as you navigate through the dungeons.


Additional Resources


    Twitch Videos: Watching gameplay videos, such as those by user SoBadStrange on Twitch, can provide visual cues and strategies for finding the Blood Platforms.

    Community Forums: Engaging with the game's community on forums and social media can offer additional tips and current information on Blood Platform locations.


By following these tips and being persistent in your search, you should be able to locate the Blood Platforms in Dark and Darker. Good luck with your dungeon crawling!


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