​What Class Should You Play in Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant?


Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant has been out for some time now, and it summons a mishmash of feelings. While the balance patch that went inhabit the start of the season actually stings, there are a lot of viable builds out there whether you are looking to step up the season pass or are planning to push Nightmare Prison levels. Presently, four of the five classes are viable for high-level Nightmare prisons with Sorcerer being the main special case. With a lot of Sorcerer buffs coming, I would suggest holding off on playing the class until further notice and trying out something else instead.


Rogue is perhaps the best class in the game the present moment and is challenged simply by Druid. The class has a lot of group control and damage and the one build that stands out to me is Death Traps. It seems like a superior variant of the exceptionally popular Twisting Blades Rogue. The one major differentiator between Twisting Blades and Death Traps is that the latter offers a more slow playstyle which probably won't be to your liking on the off chance that you have been meaning Twisting Blades all along.

Death Traps centers around a more slow yet hard-hitting playstyle. It is comfortable to play and more appealing to players who are new to the class. The build begins to shine past level 50 when you get some paragon points going into your build however it battles

You should play Rogue if:

You appreciate swarm control builds

You want to offer your center teammates bunch utility

You want infinite Ultimate uptime

You want to deal massive amounts of damage


Thistles Barbarian with the Caged Heart of Vengeance and Caged Heart of Ignoring Pain feels incredibly enjoyable to utilize. You get to partake in the same scuffle playstyle we've developed to cherish however with a remarkable contort. You get foes to attack you and bite the dust to their own damage. A portion of the Caged Hearts function admirably with Thistles Barbarian builds and it could take some time to get the right arrangement.

It is also a great PvP build and anyone sufficiently silly to attack you will get gone to ashes like a flash. You can some of the time stand still and bait other players into attacking you and they will wind up getting a single shot.

You should play Barbarian if:

You want to play as a tank class

You detest managing cooldowns and want a relaxed encounter

You want a build with no Uniques


Tornado Druid continues to dominate the meta with its basic playstyle and massive AOE damage. This is a bizarre class to evaluate as the go-to build in the event that you don't have Storm Roar would be Lightning Shred. In any case, on the off chance that you truly do manage to get a duplicate of Storm Roar, Tornado Druid is on a level that is truly unheard of.

The reliance on Whirlwind Roar is demolished by the fact that it is very rare and I had to even out my Druid all the way to 93 before I got my most memorable drop of the season. On the off chance that you don't mind being helpless before RNG, I suggest going for Tornado Druid for endgame clears. Season 2 will add a way to target farm exotics which should ideally alleviate the issue in later seasons.

You should play Druid if:

You appreciate self-sustaining characters

You want to play a tank class

You want high versatility


Bone Spear Necromancer's infamous damage has been destroyed to the ground, and the archetype's survivability isn't awesome. Regardless of the nerfs, Bone Spear Necromancer is quite possibly of the best build out there assuming you are looking for massive single-target damage. However, on the off chance that you are looking for something new to test, we suggest giving Infinimist an attempt.

The Infinimist builds doing the rounds in Season of the Malignant are significantly faster at AOE clearing than past Season 0 counterparts, thanks to Caged Heart of the Dilapidated Aura. The heart guarantees that foes are constantly hit with Decrepify, which synergizes really well with the remainder of the build and assists you with reducing cooldowns and maintain permanent Blood Fog uptime.

You want to play Necromancer if:

You want a tanky build that is also fast

You want massive AOE damage

You partake in a proactive playstyle

What About Sorcerer?

The sorcerer is in an odd spot at this moment. The class offers an incredibly comfortable encounter while going from level 1-50 yet things come crashing down as you get to the endgame. It could seem like we are exaggerating, yet the fact that the class is compelled to utilize various guarded apparatuses to stay alive

While you get to partake in a proactive character with high burst damage and portability, the nerf to the Cooldown Decrease has impacted all of the popular Sorcerer archetypes and I don't prescribe the class to new players at the present time, especially in the event that you have not attempted all of the other classes yet. Blizzard will buff the class soon and ideally, the devs are able to enable at least two or three viable endgame builds for Sorcerer players.

Know Your Goals Before Finalizing A Build

Few out of every odd player wants to push all the way to Nightmare Prison Level 100 or take on Uber Lilith. You can essentially make any class or build function as lengthy as it has sufficient cooperative energy and offers adequate damage that lives up to your assumptions.

My go-to recommendations for this season would be Druid or Rogue, and I would lean more towards Rogue due to the proactive playstyle and lack of reliance on Uniques. The class has top-level damage and performs well in almost any situation. The most outstanding aspect of Rogue is that on the off chance that you want to re-spec into an alternate build, it isn't so costly to do as such, considering a ton of the center pack remains the same across builds.

At the day's end, you should play what gives you the most happiness in the game. If you want to go all mad researcher and think of your very own build, go ahead and do as such as that is exactly what the seasonal model in Diablo 4 is meant to offer.

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