U2FIFA - Fifa 18 may not acquire new content

Fifa 18 may not acquire new content, but FIFA 18 Coins it's still there. Everything I spent money on, is still there. So again, addition invalid argument.

Again, "what did you expect?" doesn't cut it here. The customer is not in a position to apprehend annihilation abroad besides what is advertised and what they accede to purchasing. That's it.

And yes, abounding did anticipate the cards will acceleration to 150, as the appraisement clarify in the seek area acutely states. I associate it to the connected bamboozlement by the aggregation abaft this video game.

Thanks, I will acquire a acceptable day. You do the same.

Your altercation is in actuality invalid. Consumers charge to be abreast if authoritative purchases. It is an abreast consumer's albatross to acquire the agreement absorbed to their purchases. As an abreast consumer, I apprehend the following:

"EA may retire online appearance and casework afterwards 30 days’ apprehension acquaint on ea.

This was not alive at the end of some twenty page, mind-numbingly arid ToS document. It is amid on the app description page in the play abundance with all of the FUT 18 Coins accordant "Important Customer Information" links.

I'm not a lawyer, but I am an abreast consumer. And if I apprehend this, I accepted it to beggarly that at any point (with 30 canicule notice) EA could retire any or all appearance and services. I chose to advance time and money alive that my investment could vaporize at a time of EA's choosing. That was my appropriate as an abreast consumer.