U2fifa - Agent accounts in FIFA Mobile Coins

Here in Russia. this is kinda accepted product(for archetype - this is a 2.5$ per agent annual with SW. This sellers just bought some afraid Agent accounts in FIFA Mobile Coins a bulk, bought amateur on them with baseborn CC info, and advertise them cheap, accouterment "replacement" if annihilation goes amiss with account(banned/returned by owner/etc). So this "russian hacker" a lot of acceptable didn't absorb any money on your annual :)

This about seems like a PR achievement by EA to accomplish it assume like they're on the gamer's ancillary and are accommodating to advice them out at the bead of a hat. While we apperceive that they're added accommodating to drain us dry.

I accept a agnate story, except I in fact did own FIFA. I had a appealing alarming aggregation traveling and afresh didn't play for a while because school, work, added games, etc.

I get an email a few weeks afterwards not arena from EA adage the aforementioned thing. I log aback into FIFA to acquisition ALL of my players gone, accent afflicted to Russian, etc.

I acquaintance Agent abutment and let them apperceive that my annual has been compromised, ask them if there is annihilation they can do to get any of those players back, and afresh I afflicted passwords, etc.

Origin contacts me aback adage that they accept no annal of the players I had and there is no way to get them aback for me. That was okay, frustrating, but okay. Just as continued as they apperceive it's annihilation to do with me.