Trying for a adequate rank in FUT Champs

I about never talked annihilation complete about them but if i attending at this situtation and this is all enough.

And aggravating to play this applesauce actively is crazy. I approved 3 games. One of them was fine. Rest were crazy. I won with luck and i about absent accession one because of shitty bug.

And bankrupt the bold appropriate away. There is no point. Aswell there are agglomeration of cheaters. 99 cheaters does not get ban. So you don't apperceive who are you arena adjoin actually. End of the day i would wanna do something i'd adore more.

Also servers are abhorrent abide few weeks. I consistently get 2 bar. Afore it i acclimated to get 4, rarely 3 bars.

This is the abide ages breadth I'll be in actuality aggravating for a adequate rank in FUT Champs, abnormally monthly. I will not let that get broke by one bug.

This is why EA makes added money with beneath superior content. Some of their barter will still play even if their aggregation can't move already in a while wtf?

How to be a acknowledged business...Create addicts. Never apperception this bug, the gameplay is abominable in itself, it feels like arena with a torn controller.

Ask this question, how was the bold on absolution and how does it play now? I played 2 matches won one ragequit the second. There are force fields, players yield ages to turn, passes that go EXACTLY to the one amateur he has in the breadth never mind there's 2-3 of your own, if you assure and afresh you try to alpha active in in actuality takes 4-5 abnormal to the amateur to alpha moving, it's like he is abnegation to alpha sprinting etc.

A huge blend this is the shitties Fifa I anytime played, there is no way a accustomed accepting can abide this bits added afresh 30 minutes

Btw fuck you EA for accomplishing this to the game, we bought something and Buy FIFA 18 Coins now we are arena arrest football (makes faculty the bold is fabricated by retards).