This is a different trait

I anticipate your'e apathy that ancestry and specialities aswell play a big role of U2fifa.

Messi for archetype has the dribbler and dispatch dribbler trait. This is a different affection which sets him afar from a amateur like mane. So that if a amateur gets academy stats afresh messi they will not anon be a bigger amateur afresh him.

Either way acceptable column and Buy FIFA 18 Coins acknowledgment for aperture the discussion.

That and the actuality that some players acquire their abandoned physique blazon implemented in the game: we acquire lean, accustomed and stocky. afresh there are a scattering of players who acquire their own physique type: Messi, C.

Ronaldo, Akinfenwa, Courtois,

Shaqiri, Neymar.

Specialities don't accomplish a aberration to the player, it just states what they specialise in according to their stats.

For example, Pogba has the Continued Attack Taker affection and the Distance Shooter speciality, it's the affection that gives Pogba's Continued Shots a boost, the aspect is basically just adage 'this amateur has a top continued attack and attack adeptness stat'.

Traits are the capital bold chMaddens. Like if analytic for a artistic CAM, affairs one afterwards the Playmaker affection makes such a apparent aberration if it comes to through assurance and continued passing.

I agree, and the different affection is abnormally absorbing ,I consistently wondered why my Messi acquainted like the best amateur i've acclimated admitting added cards accepting bigger stats. He seems to acquire 3 "ultimate traits" (just what i'm calling them)2x shooting and dribbling and afresh the accustomed ancestry like "speed dribbler" broadcast from that.

If you attending at the top bank players like Ronaldo he has the aforementioned architecture for traits. On top of this Totti has the acid affection broadcast into the dent attack which may explain his antic shooting.

Basically unless its a formatting affair this could explain why the top bank players abide that way admitting tots and added cards overtaking them statistically.

I anticipate added important than just traits, is a aggregate of ancestry and specific stats. Martial is the best archetype of this.

All his ancestry are good, he has in fact acceptable antithesis and activity for anyone who's 6'0. He aswell has in fact acceptable strength. Analyze him to Leroy Sane's abject card.

Sane is aswell 6'0 and has acceptable antithesis and dribbling, but doesn't acquire the backbone or ancestry of Martial. Sane and Martial are in actuality the abandoned two abject cards with over 80 antithesis and activity who are aswell over 6'0.