This bivouac reminded me of the Cheap Fifa 19 Coins


He’s actual actual acceptable at PR. His Sprite attack was fantastic. He took artefact adjustment and advance so far into the air-conditioned that morphed into something abroad entirely, but somehow aswell worked.

Vince doesn’t apperceive a affair about soccer/football lol, he did this for the paycheck, which is acceptable on him.

Maaaan Vince break cutting for him and his mama, backdrop to this man. Absolutely a role model.

vince is what an underground rapper seems like to humans who don’t apperceive annihilation about hip hop.

Vince Staples is no drifter to the cavern lifestyle; he is one of the few breed that has acclimatized to the abutting subsurface ambiance beneath the earth.

This bivouac reminded me of the Cheap Fifa 19 Coins bivouac with Babylon by Ekali ft Denzel Curry. Both of these trailers are fucking amazing because of their music choice.

I'm gonna be absolute with you, Vince was not bare at all. Kinda absurd and it would arguably accept been bigger afterwards him (for this bivouac at least).

Yo. That'd be ill as fuck. Like column car blow D.O.C. can't plan in hip hop so able-bodied but with John Cage it ability work. Or John Cale for that matter.

watching the livestream, all i could anticipate was "this is acutely unnecessary". broken-down as hell, just play the CL canticle for god's sake.