Then appear August echo the cycle

I was just in Nicks beck alert to him accomplish credibility about this FIFA Mobile Coins and how abundant of a let down this years tots has become.

He mentioned endure year there was 2x rewards in seasons (30k for adequate div.1) and that brought me aback to the bold and I was appropriately active by that. something as simple as that got me aback into the game.

I CANNOT accept they fabricated this out to be such a massive event. I'm not amoroso blanket annihilation here, this years tots has been abysmal, and I say that because there is SO MUCH abeyant for it to be incredible.

It's just so frustrating, because this bold has been absurd for me this year, I've admired it. It's kinda depressing.

Wasn't 2x rewards in seasons in August? Unless it happened twice, it wasn't during TOTS.

And they alone did that in August because they knew Fifa 17 was advancing out in a ages and they capital to get as abounding humans aback arena the bold so they would buy Fifa 17.

Its all about the money. Apprehend bags of things to appear afresh in August to accompany humans back, so they can bandy Fifa 18 advertisements at them on the foreground page.

They do these blazon of contest to get the antecedent sales and apprehend a ton of those humans to stop arena in the aboriginal ages or two, afresh appear up with new con's(errr "events") to get humans who stick about all year to absorb their money like SBC, afresh appear August echo the cycle.

I deceit be the alone one who see's this accident year afterwards year, and ive alone been about FUT 4 years.

It wasn't during TOTS, was just authoritative a point that something as simple as that would accomplish me happy.

It would in actuality abort the bazaar and while it was fun of FIFA 18 Coins, the accomplished accredit yourself to d9 and plan your way up wasn't in actuality abundant for the game.