​The Five Must-Have Weapons in Fallout 76


Fallout 76 is a post-apocalyptic open-world game that offers players a vast wasteland to explore and survive in. One crucial aspect of the game is acquiring powerful weapons that can help players in their journey. In this article, we will discuss five must-have weapons in Fallout 76 that every player should consider obtaining. These weapons are easily accessible and do not require complicated grinding or faction reputation. Let's dive in and discover the weapons that can enhance your gameplay experience.

The Fixer

The Fixer is a popular weapon among Fallout 76 players. It can be obtained by acquiring the plan from the encrypted event or through player vendors using Bottle Caps. The Fixer stands out as the top choice for Commando builds due to its intrinsic effects, such as improved stealth in shadows and faster movement speed while sneaking. With 20 extra built-in damage, the Fixer is a reliable and versatile weapon that can be obtained early in the game. Various legendary effects like bloodied, anti-armor, vampires, or quad can further enhance its performance.

The Minigun

Although veteran players might initially overlook the Minigun, it offers a unique advantage for new players. With the Shredder mod, the Minigun becomes a formidable weapon. Its high rate of fire compensates for the lower damage output. Unlike other weapons, the Minigun doesn't require ammunition but uses Action Points (AP) to attack. Obtained from Level 35, the Minigun equipped with a Vampire's legendary effect eliminates the need for constant healing, making it an excellent choice for survival.

The Flamer

The Flamer is a heavy weapon that serves multiple purposes in Fallout 76. Its raw power makes it effective in combat situations, especially with the extended range featured in the latest test server. However, what sets the Flamer apart is its utility in events and activities. With the Friendly Fire perk, players can heal NPCs, making it incredibly useful for protecting non-playable characters during quests or events. The Flamer can be found throughout Appalachia, and plans can be purchased from vendors.

The Chainsaw

Once considered a lackluster weapon, the Chainsaw has undergone significant improvements. It is easy to find and mod, and it now functions with legendary effects. Like the Minigun, the Chainsaw benefits from automatic melee attacks, making it efficient and powerful. With its compatibility with various legendary effects such as vampires, bloodied, and anti-armor, the Chainsaw provides a satisfying melee experience. Starting from Level 20, this weapon is a viable choice for early-game encounters.

The Gauss Rifle

The Gauss Rifle is an immensely powerful weapon, especially for players who prefer one-shot kill builds. Its high damage output and ammo efficiency make it a go-to choice for Rifleman builds. The Gauss Rifle can be found or purchased from vendors in Appalachia. It requires the player to charge shots fully for maximum damage. This weapon is visually impressive and provides a unique gameplay experience. It becomes available from Level 35 and offers a variety of playstyle options, whether played stealthily or more aggressively.


In Fallout 76, finding the right Fallout 76 Items can significantly impact your gameplay experience. The five must-have weapons discussed in this article provide accessible and powerful options for players. Whether you prefer a Commando build with the Fixer, an automatic melee experience with the Chainsaw, or a one-shot kill approach with the Gauss Rifle, these weapons cater to various playstyles. Don't hesitate to explore Appalachia and acquire these weapons to enhance your survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout 76.