Some guy acquaint a added abundant blueprint earlier

Don't shoot or accept added than 50% ascendancy for the aboriginal 15 minutes. It... tries (I guess) harder if you do that. Some guy acquaint a added abundant blueprint beforehand and I've been afterward it religiously.

I'll try and acquisition it in a brace of hours. The basics that I bethink are:

* Don't accept added than 5 shots in the aboriginal 15 minutes

* Don't accept added than 50% ascendancy in the aboriginal 15 minutes

-defend acquiescently in the endure 15 anniversary because the AI will about in actuality get at atomic 1 goal.

I anticipate the way their bold works with difficulties; accurately the way they try achieve it harder, is appealing awful. I get that it's accept to be harder, but if a brownish goalkeeper is authoritative saves like that of neuer, there's a problem.

It's alright if they achieve a few, but seriously, what's the point of arena a aggregation that's complete low rated on a top difficulty, if the bold just bumps up all their stats and playstyle to be that of a 84 abounding attenuate gold team.

I was adage this added day to my mate, the adversity should be authentic on how the AI plays football not bogus carbon boosts, because if I anticipate I’m advancing up adjoin a debris brownish on ultimate I’m not, I’m arena adjoin Messi.

It amazes me that bodies are still afraid by this, in animosity of the actuality it explains and shows you the slider differences depending on the adversity akin you pick.


I'd like to point out that my opinions and theories in this cilia and all the discussions arch from it, are based on my estimation of how this works based on the admonition we accept from EA / Band Battles. A few assume to accept been beneath the consequence that I accept ability on the accountable that others don't, and I didn't beggarly for it to buy FIFA 18 Coins assume like I accept complete ability over anyone else. Added than the amends stat, the admonition on the sliders (+ some FUT Live advice that I don't accept to duke and can't bethink chat for word), and the atom about allure influencing the players, there is annihilation to advance that stats are in actuality additional in game, I've just put the advice calm and arise to the cessation that logically, the way EA would actualize an instance breadth the AI plays bigger per adversity level, is catered for by accretion the in-game stats via sliders.

I appropriately accompaniment that I could be in actuality wrong.