Ravendawn Online: A Quick Guide to Easy Money through Crafting


Hi guys! Today we will explore a mini tutorial on how to easily generate income through the creation of "tracks". This method is a fairly easy way to get in-game currency, simply by collecting common materials. In this tutorial, we will focus on creating building materials using 10D High and 22 small locks. Let's dive into the exciting world of Ravendawn Online and discover how to maximize your winnings!

Crafting Building Materials

To begin, we need to collect the materials necessary to create the building materials. In this case, we will use 10d High and 22 small locks. High is obtained by cutting down trees, while small locks are common when mining. These materials are easy to obtain, especially if you are already engaged in activities such as logging or mining.

It is essential to choose wisely the type of "track" we want to create. In the aforementioned example, we opt for "building materials" which offers a profit of 117 per unit. Always look for the track that offers the highest payout to maximize your profits.

Exploring the Map

By clicking on the arrow, we can see the places where we can deliver our tracks. Here it is crucial to select the location that offers the best payout. In the case of the tutorial, Tamire is the city that pays the most, although I warn that it can be dangerous due to the occasional presence of skeletons.

Trip Planning

It is vital to plan your route to the track delivery location. In this case, Tamire is the choice, but keep in mind that the path may have risks. It is suggested to be prepared to face enemies and make sure not to lose TR packs due to player versus player (PvP) combat.

Preparations for the Trip

Before leaving, it is advisable to obtain a wagon to transport two "TR packs" at a time, thus maximizing your profits on each trip. Remember to buy and craft the "TR packs" in the left area of Raven Crest, the main city.

War Mode and Safety Tips

Keep in mind the War Mode option, which offers an additional 10%, but use it with caution. It is suggested to activate it when you are accompanied by at least 10 people to efficiently defend yourself against possible threats. Avoid losing your "TR packs" and focus on making money safely.

The Journey to Tamire

Follow the planned route and stay alert. As you approach Tamire, you should be aware of possible encounters with skeletons. Caution is key to overcoming these obstacles and reaching your destination without problems.

Delivering the "TR packs"

Once in Tamire, look for the cart and talk to the merchant to sell your "TR packs". In this example, the profit for each "TR pack" is 22,540, providing a significant profit.


In short, creating and delivering tracks on Ravendawn Online offers an easy and passive way to earn money. By following these tips and being consistent in your efforts, you can generate substantial income while enjoying the game. Remember to pay attention to safety, plan your routes, and look for the best payment opportunities. I hope this tutorial was helpful in your quest for riches in Ravendawn Online!