​Questions approximately Wow TBC and WOTLK from a noob


Hello men! First time i have performed wow, changed into three years in the past with WoW classic. I performed most effective 2 months, after which i had uninstalled it. Don't bear in mind why... Maybe i used to be bored purpose if i bear in mind properly, i had created one of every magnificence, leveled them until 15-25 stage after which i used to be dull.

Anyway... I need to begin once more, however i've a few questions.

1,I recognise that Wow classic is lifeless. Also i examine that Wotlk will pop out in 2 months. If i begin now wow TBC, will i be capable of switch my char to new wotlk servers? For unfastened? Also the gadget will pick the server or it is my decision?

2,Are there variations on tale among Wow Classic, TBC and Wotlk? I am now no longer speakme approximately new regions or bosses, however at begin. Are the regions the identical? 

3,I see maximum PVP servers are like 90%-10% of every fraction. What a populace like this make the arena pvp? It's now no longer fair.

4,For quicker levelling have to i pick a server with the above populace? So some thing like a server with 90%+ horde?

5,I am now 34 years vintage with 2 kids. I stated i'm able to prevent gambling on-line video games.. Cause i need to strive unmarried participant video games.. Also i recognise that with the time i've, perhaps i'm able to want 6 months to head stage 60 or better.. Should i examine a few courses approximately tips/secrets and techniques for quicker levelling? Any recommendation you could supply me?

6,I bet my vintage characters have been eliminated? They are 2,five years inactive!

7,Are there any blessings if i begin a clean wotlk server, as opposed to moving my stage 30-forty individual ( i bet that how a long way i'm able to pass in 2 months ) to a wotlk server?

8,I do not assume that i've a lot unfastened time to look forward to 1+ hours to get a crew for dungeons and i'm now no longer certain i will be capable of be a part of a guild for the endgame.. What do you watched? Also typically i'm able to simply should depart recreation walking at background. For instance five mins in the past one in all my kids awoke and that i should pass afk for five mins.

9,Maybe it is higher to simply pass? And revel in a few unmarried participant video games, which now i'm gambling, like Witcher three?

Sorry for the such a lot of questions and thank you in advance! And buy cheap WoTLK Classic gold from p2pah.com, go to join p2pah now.