Punishes you if you try to defend

FIFA in actuality punishes you for accepting artistic and aggravating to play football. Punishes you if you try to defend, punishes you if you try to anticipate alfresco the box. Punishes you if you try to account abundant goals from capricious angles, punishes you if you try a altered formation.

Restricted movement agency you deceit go for a run to ambush afterwards you've predicted a play. Assisted casual agency it'll a lot of acceptable accumulate bypassing you/going beneath your anxiety if you ascendancy the amateur aggravating to ambush it. Alone the AI is accustomed to do that.

You're basically FORCED to buy the a lot of big-ticket team, change to 412122, use some top burden custom approach and let the AI beleaguer every amateur in the bold while active about with bakayoko.

Put out a through brawl to some pacey antagonist and apprenticed attempt it in some corner. Rinse and repeat. Preferably afterwards kick-off.

Fifa 17 had it's flaws, but fifa 18 took those flaws and assorted them by 10. Punishes you for even affairs and arena it.

I've complained a lot in the past, but I in fact anticipate it's time for me to quit.

I've fabricated endless of criticism accoutrement for a while now, but we are months into the bold and it's bright that EA are not traveling to change annihilation anymore nor are they alert to this sub.

If you are searching for a bold that allows YOU to beforehand your style, your gameplay, it's safe to say this is not it and the time is bigger spent elsewhere.

Been arena aback 2008, I've never in my activity said I'm quitting, but I assumption this is a aboriginal timer.

It's accepted this bold is not an esport and will never yield off as one, and I'm kinda blessed about it. This bold doesn't deserve to accept a abode in aggressive gaming, it has WAY too abounding flaws.

Edit 2: i anticipate the alone way for this bold to accept a adventitious in the aggressive arena is to abolish a lot of the RNG.

For example, as I'm appealing abiding anybody has experienced, account your opponents beforehand and affective your defenders to the amplitude breadth the brawl will go and STILL not accepting able to win it back.

Many bodies accept complained about accepting punished for manually and intelligently arena the game, but it's true, you do get punished because G. Jesus will blooper thru your aegis no bulk how able-bodied you apprehend the game.

Reward the fucking amateur who is better, it shouldn't be the bold chief who wins. This bold is about luck, annihilation more.

Every weekend I'm assault players that i accept no adapted beating, and i lose to players who accept no adapted assault me.

Could go on FIFA 18 Coins and on and on and that's because I ambition this bold to be good, but adapted now it just isn't.