Path of Exile: How To Get Sulphite


Acquiring Sulphite efficiently is essential for diving deep into Path of Exile's Delve mechanics. This guide explains the best strategies for farming Sulphite so you can maximize your Delve runs without constantly needing to grind maps.


What Is Sulphite?


Sulphite is an essential resource in Path of Exile, used to traverse the Azurite Mine in Delve. It is collected from Voltaxic Sulphite Veins found in maps and is tracked in a separate currency-like meter. The deeper you go in the mine, the more sulphites you need, making efficient farming crucial for uninterrupted Delve runs.


Where Do You Get Sulphite?


Sulphite is acquired from Voltaxic Sulphite Veins, which appear randomly in maps. To farm sulphites efficiently, you need to increase the spawn rate and quantity of these veins. This can be achieved using various strategies, including fragments, master missions, and atlas skill nodes.


The Best Atlas Skill Nodes for Farming Sulphite


To maximize Sulphite gains, focus on the following atlas skill nodes:

Atlas Skill Node


Mandatory or Optional

Guarded Hoards

Voltaxic Sulphite Veins and chests in maps have a 5% chance of containing double Sulphite.


Mining Byproducts

Sulphite Veins and chests in maps have a 10% chance to also contain Azurite.


Sulphite Infusion

White tier maps give 200 additional Sulphite, yellow tier maps give 350, and red tier maps give 500.


Mad Devotion

Maps have a 4% chance of giving an additional Niko mission bonus upon completion.



Additional Buffs from Atlas Skill Nodes


    Packed with Energy: This node significantly enhances your character's stats for each Sulphite Vein or chest found in maps:

        +1% to all maximum elemental resistances

        +35% increased damage

        +15% movement speed


The Best Sulphite Farming Method


To ensure a steady supply of Sulphite, use the following method:

    Use Sulphite Scarabs: Purchase Rusted Sulphite Scarabs, which are the cheapest, and place them in the map device when opening a map. This guarantees the spawn of Voltaxic Sulphite Veins.

    Run High-Tier Maps: Focus on running T16 maps to maximize Sulphite drops. Higher-tier maps naturally provide more Sulphite, and with the additional buffs from atlas skill nodes and Sulphite Scarabs, you can collect between 5,000 to 25,000+ Sulphite per map.

    Upgrade Scarabs (Optional): While upgrading to Gilded or Winged Sulphite Scarabs can increase Sulphite drops further, the cost may not be worth the investment. Stick to Rusted Sulphite Scarabs for an economical approach.


A Free Alternative Farming Method


If you prefer not to buy Sulphite Scarabs, you can use Niko's master missions:

    Activate Niko's Emblem: In your map device, select the third emblem (Niko's emblem) under the three major influences. This will spawn Voltaxic Sulphite Veins on your map for free. The number of uses for this emblem is limited and displayed in red for red tier maps, and similarly for other colours.

    Increase Emblem Charges: To gain more uses of Niko's master emblem, run more maps and focus on atlas skill tree nodes that increase the chances of getting master mission buffs.

By following these strategies, you can efficiently farm Sulphite to support continuous Delve runs:

    Use Rusted Sulphite Scarabs to ensure Sulphite Veins spawn in maps.

    Prioritize high-tier maps, especially T16, to maximize Sulphite gains.

    Leverage atlas skill nodes like Guarded Hoards, Sulphite Infusion, and Mining Byproducts for additional benefits.

    Use Niko's master missions as a cost-free alternative for acquiring Sulphite.


Implementing these methods will help you collect Sulphite quickly and efficiently, allowing you to delve deeper into the Azurite Mine and farm valuable items like Aul's Uprising. And hunting down items and currency or buying Path of Exile Crrency from mmoexp to easily enjoy your best experience!