Path of Exile: How to Get All Voidstones


Voidstones are crucial items in Path of Exile's endgame, enhancing your Atlas to yield higher-tier maps and more loot. Collecting all Voidstones unlocks additional endgame content and significantly boosts your currency-farming potential. Here's how to obtain each of the four Voidstones: Grasping, Omniscient, Ceremonial, and Decayed.


What Are Voidstones?


Voidstones upgrade the tiers of maps on your Atlas of Worlds. Each Voidstone increases the tier of all maps by four levels, with a maximum upgrade cap of tier 16. Additionally, equipping Voidstones increases the chance of tier 17 map drops by 0.2% per Voidstone, totaling up to 0.8% with all four Voidstones equipped.


How to Obtain Each Voidstone


1. Grasping Voidstone

Steps to Obtain:

    Complete Campaign: Finish the main storyline to unlock mapping.

    Progress in Maps: Interact with Kirac to learn about maps and progress through them.

    Encounter the Maven: Complete Maven's objectives in maps, maintaining her influence.

    Engage with Eater of Worlds: Activate Eater of Worlds' influence on your maps as per the Maven's guidance.

    Receive Screaming Invitation: After completing the necessary objectives, you will receive this item.

    Fight the Eater of Worlds: Place the Screaming Invitation in your map device, and defeat the Eater of Worlds' pinnacle boss to obtain the Grasping Voidstone.


2. Omniscient Voidstone


Steps to Obtain:

    Engage with Searing Exarch: Switch to Searing Exarch's influence in maps as directed by the Maven.

    Complete Objectives: Progress through the map tiers under Searing Exarch's influence.

    Receive Incandescent Invitation: After completing the objectives, you'll get this invitation.

    Fight the Searing Exarch: Place the Incandescent Invitation in your map device and defeat the Searing Exarch's pinnacle boss to earn the Omniscient Voidstone.


3. Ceremonial Voidstone

Steps to Obtain:

    Maven's Influence: Apply Maven's influence in your map device and complete her objectives.

    Collect Crescent Splinters: Complete the Maven's Crucible encounters where you fight multiple map bosses.

    Assemble Maven's Writ: Collect ten Crescent Splinters to create Maven's Writ.

    Activate Maven's Writ: Use the Writ in your map device to fight the normal version of the Maven.

    Defeat the Maven: Winning this fight grants you the Ceremonial Voidstone.


4. Decayed Voidstone

The Decayed Voidstone is the most challenging to obtain and involves a more complex process. This voidstone typically involves high-level endgame content and may require the completion of specific, intricate tasks, including defeating certain high-tier bosses or engaging in specialized encounters that can drop the final Voidstone.


Typical Steps (may vary):

    High-Tier Boss Fights: Engage in and complete encounters with the most challenging bosses in the game, often requiring specialized strategies and powerful gear.

    Fragment Collection: Similar to Crescent Splinters, collect specific fragments or pieces that drop from these encounters.

    Assemble Final Item: Use the collected fragments to assemble the necessary item to challenge the boss that drops the Decayed Voidstone.

    Final Boss Fight: Defeat this high-tier boss to obtain the Decayed Voidstone.


Tips for Success


    Preparation: Ensure your build is optimized for both damage and survivability. High-tier bosses require precise mechanics and an understanding of their attack patterns.

    Gear Up: Invest in powerful gear and optimize your character for the specific challenges of each boss.

    Learning Mechanics: Study each boss's mechanics through guides and practice fights.

    Patience and Persistence: High-tier content can be very challenging. Expect to attempt some fights multiple times before succeeding.


Collecting all four Voidstones will significantly enhance your Atlas and endgame experience in Path of Exile, opening up new challenges and opportunities for better loot and progression. Having more Path of Exile currency will allow you to do more with less effort, you'll be well-equipped to handle all the challenges Path of Exile has to offer. You can pay attention to MMOexp to buy Path of Exile currency. Good luck to you!