OSRS Money Making for F2P Players


Old School Runescape or RuneScape 2007 is recognized for its high-quality gameplay experience. This has earned it the title of being the most viewed MMORPG from the beginning of 2010. An array of options allow players to create their own story that allows them to stay engaged.

Old school RuneScape players are divided into two groups, one being free-to-play (F2P) as well as the third one is Pay-to-play (P2P). F2P players face a battle with P2P players with regards to getting their skills up to par or completing quests as there are certain abilities and quests that are only available to members who pay.

It's the same when it comes to earning money from Old School RuneScape. This is why we have put together this OSRS F2P money-making guide that will assist you in earning enough OSRS gold to utilize to enhance your character and obtain better equipment.

Mining Iron Ore:

Mining iron ore is among the most profitable ways to earn money within Old School Runescape since it can give you 20,000 hours of experience in mining as well as give you an excellent sum in OSRS GP. For this method to work, you must have at least the level of 40 Mining, and possess a quality pickaxe that you are able to use. This mining technique will earn you a substantial amount of gold, which translates to around 150K an hour. This is the reason it's important to improve your mining skills from the beginning.

Collecting cowhides

The most well-known method of earning money for RuneScape players is to collect cowhide, as it does not have a requirement. Interesting, right? Every cow killed releases cowhides worth 150 RS GBP each. It is possible to earn as much as 75 k RS in GP per hour, based on the current level of your combat.

The cutting of logs from oak:

With the ease of this method is, it's a good idea to begin cutting oak logs at the time you are at level 15 of woodcutting. It can earn you as high as 100k RS GP per hour. It is suggested to choose the most efficient tools you can find for a better income per hour. An ax made of steel is ideal for cutting logs of oak.

Collecting Anti Dragon Shield:

If you're a F2P player in desperate need of OSRS gold Then you could become an avid collector of Anti Dragon Shields. After you have completed the dragon slayer quest, you can purchase some Antidragon shields. It is possible to earn up to 1 million RS GP every hour trading these.

Making Gold Jewellery Crafting:

If you're looking to earn an amount of cash in Gielinor making gold jewelry, then crafting it is a viable option for you. It is essential to adjust your energy levels while walking with gold bars because they are heavy. Your character could be slow. It is suggested that you increase your Agility also. It is possible to earn around 100k/hour with this OSRS method of earning money.

Purchase OSRS Gold Online

Are you tired of grinding your way to make even more OSRS gold? It is possible to buy OSRS gold online and utilize the gold right away. There are several trustworthy RS gold websites such as RSorder which you can trade with, so you can be sure that you'll get a secure OSRS GP.

Killing Ogres

The killing of ogres is a popular method employed by F2P players to earn more GP. It also improves the level of your combat skills because you'll fight against them. It is necessary to complete your Corsair Curse quest, have adequate food, and good armor in order to be successful in taking down these Ogres.

Cooking Tunas

Cooking tunas is a fantastic method of earning money that is extremely profitable. It is recommended to players looking to increase their cooking skills rapidly. In order to do this, it is necessary to cook at level 30, however, having a cooking level of 63 is suggested, as are raw tunas. What makes this method extremely profitable is the huge demand for tunas on the Grand Exchange.