​Old School RuneScape: How To Kill Vorkath


Learn all that you really want on how to defeat Vorkath, including its assaults and rewards.

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Vorkath was delivered into Old School RuneScape alongside the "Mythical beast Slayer II" journey, and soon after became one of the most killed supervisors in the whole game because of its awesome plunder table. Averaging around 150,000 gp in plunder for every kill, hunting Vorkath has turned into a very productive way for undeniable level players to acquire gp in OSRS.

Because of its high-hitting Dragonfire, joined with novel development mechanics and server steadiness, battling Vorkath again after the journey can be an overwhelming errand. However, with the opportunity to procure almost 1,000,000 gp each hour, Vorkath is powerful for players hoping to create a respectable gain.

Vorkath Recommended Gear And Equipment

First class Void covering is your most ideal choice as you can rapidly change from Scuffle to Went DPS while as yet saving inventory spots for additional provisions. While World class Void doesn't have the most grounded protective rewards, its +12 percent precision and harm reward for all battle styles make it the best gear to kill Vorkath.

The remainder of your Ran gear ought to incorporate a Venator's/Bowman's Ring, an Ava's Gadget (the best one you have), an Ointment ornament (since Vorkath is undead, it will give you additional harm and exactness), and Pegasian/Officer/Favored D'Hide Boots. A Rune Pocket with Residue Runes, Regulation Runes, and Confusion Runes is energetically recommended, as you can all the while cast "Disintegrate Undead" and "Transport to House" involving runes in a solitary inventory opening.

Concerning your weapon, a Toxic Blowpipe or a Mythical serpent Tracker Crossbow will be your most ideal decision for this sort of set up. The Toxic Blowpipe is a fast hitting Went weapon that has a unique assault that can recuperate you, going with this a superb decision. However, on the off chance that you can get a Mythical serpent Tracker Crossbow, that will be prevalent, as it gives +30 extra percent Ran assault and +25 percent Ran harm while battling against mythical serpents.

The DHC is likewise one-handed, so you can bring a Dragonfire Ward, a Curved Buckler, or a Book of Regulation for additional protection and reward Ran assault. Since you are utilizing First class Void to change to Skirmish when the opportunity arrives, it is recommended to bring either a Bandos Godsword or a Mythical serpent Warhammer. The two of them have a unique assault that brings down an objective's Safeguard level, which will definitely further develop how well you can go after Vorkath.

Other than your gear, bring a Lengthy Super Antifire Elixir, Antivenom++, Super Battle Mixture, Ran Elixir, and two Super Restores/Supplication Elixirs, while filling the remainder of your inventory with high-mending food (Sharks, Karambwans, Manta Beams, and so forth.).

Since Vorkath is a draconic animal that utilizes dragonfire, bringing a Super Antifire Elixir will permit you to oppose its dragonfire assaults while not stressing over bringing an Antidragon safeguard (matched with the "Shield from Wizardry" petition, and you are practically resistant to all dragonfire).

Vorkath likewise has a breath that will incur toxin for you, so it is critical to carry a Counter-agent to invalidate however much harm as could reasonably be expected from it. A Super Battle Elixir and Ran Mixture are utilized to expand your details both while initiating your unique assault with a Bandos Godsword/Mythical serpent Warhammer, and while battling Vorkath with a Toxic Blowpipe.

How To Find Vorkath

While there are numerous ways of arriving at Vorkath between battles, you ought to think about building a POH gateway to Waterbirth Island. This way you just have to bring runes for the "Transport to House" spell to go to Vorkath and back; transport to your POH, utilize the entryway to arrive at Waterbirth Island, then, at that point, take the boats to Rellekka and Ungael.

How To Defeat Vorkath

When you arrive at Vorkath, prepare your Skirmish gear, alongside your Bandos Godsword or Mythical serpent Warhammer (contingent upon which one you brought). Additionally, ensure that your Slayer's Staff has "Disintegrate Undead" set as its auto-projected spell.

At the point when you are prepared, drink a portion of every mixture and initiate both your Exceptional Assault and Speedy Petitions (which ought to be set to "Safeguard from Enchantment" and "Thoroughness"), despite the fact that you can rapidly enact "Devotion" during your extraordinary assaults assuming that you are sufficiently agreeable.

Your most memorable hits with your BGS/DWH are urgent. In the event that you don't hit sufficiently high, Vorkath's details may not be sufficiently depleted, and you could be in for a long battle. In the event that you don't hit sufficiently high, it is recommended to magically transport out, re-energize your exceptional assault bar utilizing your POH revival pool (or the one in the Freon Territory), return and begin once again.

When you land great extraordinary assaults, immediately step back and prepare your Went gear, ensuring "Shield from Wizardry" and "Thoroughness" are as yet initiated.

Among the different standard assaults it can do, there are four distinct unique assaults you really want to pay special attention to:

When Vorkath is dead, it will fall oblivious in the future and drop its plunder before you to snatch. On the off chance that you have an adequate number of provisions and feel certain, you can "Jab" Vorkath to battle it once more, or magically transport out to resupply and return for another kill.

Vorkath Rewards

Vorkath sports an amazing plunder table that will make you want more of more prominent rewards. Averaging around 150,000 gp for every kill, Vorkath drops plunder that is both helpful for Ironman records and important for players hoping to create a gain.

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