​NBA 2K23 MyTeam would be better off if they did


I’ve loved MyTeam in NBA 2K22 since day one, and it’s been great all year, but I hope they fix this problem, which makes the cards more valuable and makes the game much better in the early stages.

They shoot high-level cards very early. Personally, I think Pink Diamonds shouldn’t show up until after Christmas, by then, NBA 2k after that catchers can catch up! In my head, in addition to what they have done this year, I am going to do it this way. From September to November, everyone’s top level should be Amythest, and there shouldn’t be too many of them.

By mid-November, they should introduce the diamond player, but they should make him the Player of the Month award on the agenda to raise a new level, and then two days later drop a few Premium cards to the Diamond level. Christmas should be the time of the Pink Diamond, then after the New Year or the time of the madness of March, they should release opals, but not so much at first. In addition to driving these types of cards too early, 2k22 will get a stable 9/10 for Myteam this year.

I largely agree. I think the problem is that people aren’t going to buy and consume a lot of NBA 2K MT for amethyst knowing that in a few months they will become almost nothing. I agree that the rate of color change was very fast. We had maybe 10 if not fewer opals before we finally saw the Buyout cp3 card. And then, with the introduction of dynamic ratings, the markets for PD and opal have shrunk significantly. So far, we’ve only received purchase offers at a discount, and we’re sure to soon see the market flooded with cheap products.

I also add that I don’t think they need to blow up the match when they leave like they did last year. Unbeatable cards are not awesome. Not everyone has fun owning practical cards that do it all. The only difference is the player model. The game must be playable for more than 12 months, and Myteam can literally not play when a new game is dropped.

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