NBA 2K23: Exploring the Set Shot 25 and its Impact on Gameplay


In NBA 2K23, jump shots play a crucial role in a player's ability to score effectively. Among the wide array of jump shots available, Set Shot 25 stands out as a top-tier option. With its impeccable shooting mechanics and minimal contestability, it has gained a reputation as one of the best jump shots of all time. In this article, we'll delve into the characteristics of Set Shot 25, its requirements, and its impact on gameplay.

Uncontestable Accuracy

The defining characteristic of Set Shot 25 is its remarkable lack of contestability. Unlike other jump shots, Set Shot 25 rarely triggers a smothered animation, allowing players to consistently green their shots when open. This unique attribute makes it a highly reliable choice for scoring efficiently.

Height and Build Requirements

To unlock Set Shot 25 in NBA 2K23, players must have a height of 6'5" or taller. While this might limit some players, it's worth noting that the majority of builds fall within this height range. However, it's important to consider that the taller your build is, the slower the jump shot becomes. This can affect the overall usability of Set Shot 25. For instance, a 6'9" player may experience a minor decrease in release speed compared to a 6'5" player using the same jump shot.

Three-Point Shooting Requirements

To excel with Set Shot 25, players need a three-point shooting attribute of at least 76. While this requirement might seem demanding, it ensures that players can fully leverage the benefits of the jump shot. With a solid three-ball rating, players will find Set Shot 25 to be a reliable tool for knocking down shots from beyond the arc.

Alternative Options

If Set Shot 25 doesn't suit your playstyle or you find it less effective than before, NBA 2K23 offers numerous base and upper release combinations to experiment with. Many players have reported success with alternative combinations, providing players with a range of options to tailor their shooting mechanics to their liking. It's important to test different combinations and find the one that feels most comfortable and effective for your specific build and preferences.

Gameplay Experience

Despite its previous reputation, some players have noted that Set Shot 25 in NBA 2K23 is not as dominant as it once was. The game's updates and changes have affected the jump shot's performance, leading to varying experiences among players. While it can still be effective and yield positive results, it's crucial to adjust your timing and adapt to the changes to make the most out of Set Shot 25.

In Conclusion

Set Shot 25 has earned its place among the top jump shots in NBA 2K23 due to its uncontestable accuracy when open. Although it requires a height of 6'5" or taller, it caters to the majority of player builds. However, it's important to consider the decrease in release speed as the height increases. Additionally, players must have a solid three-point shooting attribute to maximize the benefits of Set Shot 25. For those who find the jump shot less effective or seek alternatives, NBA 2K23 offers a wide range of base and upper release combinations to experiment with. Ultimately, finding the jump shot that best suits your playstyle is crucial for success on the virtual court.

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