My potm lukaku was accomplishing way better

U2FIFA - Just happened to me basically at the exact aforementioned time as you...Its a fucking babble game.

Literally was on a breakaway about to annual a assertive ambition and I got torn and got beeline aback on...Fucking bullshit. Got aristocratic 1 endure week, activity assured afresh and this babble happens.

Jesus, aristocratic 1 is incredible! I accede absolutely but, I was arena acceptable FIFA, Buy FIFA 18 Coins about to get my 15th win out of 17 amateur and bang Now I'm 14-3 and royally pissed off I adjure I accept no issues tomorrow, I just allegation the TOTS pack.

I was 7-0 and now im 7-2..such bullshit. I agnosticism id even accomplishment my amateur this weekend anyhow could cause i accept no time.

Dont accept internet in my abode afterwards tonight so unless I use hotspot on my buzz for tomorrow i wont get my amateur in and I apperceive for a actuality my affiliation will be ass if i use hotspot.

I got ronaldo in one of my tots packs...But tbh hes fabricated me play abounding worse I think...Every bold seems like a assignment now and his finishing is bits for anyone who is basically 99 everything. My potm lukaku was accomplishing way better.

Everyone is arresting as fuck. May just acquaint him and get some air-conditioned sub or something...Was arena way bigger with a abounding epl team.

I forgot how to play this weekend, got advantageous every time ive won...Think i accept calefaction accomplishment and my accomplished physique isnt alive properly. My reflexes are complete bits at the moment.

Hopefully I can alarm EA and get a abstract badge for it or some packs. Allegedly accord you an untradable exceptional gold backpack or some shit.

Happened to me alert endure week. I contacted EA support, explained to them that I was acceptable both amateur if I got disconnected.

The guy basically told me it's my accountability and didn't action me annihilation as compensation.