My aggregation in actuality cannot function


The aggregate of times breadth your aggregation will play how they commonly are, FIFA Coins afresh the next adventurous will play like some 54 rated bronzes is in actuality insane.

I was acid for top 100, in actuality won 7 amateur in a row, afresh on the endure game, my aggregation in actuality cannot function.

No one can accomplish a canyon if they are attacking, not reacting to the brawl in actuality 2 inches abroad from them, its infuriating at this point.

And afresh there are... THOSE moments, if the AI will go into absolutely babble mode, and just admission to score. Lightning fast passes, while my defenders just angle there acrimonious their noses.

Or, the accepted batty out of boilerplate continued attempt from some cipher brownish player. Like, there's alone so abundant a accepting can take, and the slider abetment is fucking antic in band battles.

EA absolutely allegation to footfall their bits up, because I accepted abdicate amphitheatre weekend alliance afterwards all the sweaty, baneful and all-embracing abhorrent gameplay on pc.

The slider abetment NEEDS to stop, because what is the point of accepting an big-ticket team, if some accidental 64 rated 27 chem aggregation can just abort you?

(Had to get off my chest some of my frustrations, afterwards ambidextrous with band battles BS for so long)

Best way to play band battles is if you admission that you apparently will not get top 100, but Aristocratic 1 is consistently on the cards.

Every anniversary I alpha off either in top 100, or abutting abundant (3-400 credibility off) that I can accomplish up the difference. And every anniversary at some point I get those BS amateur you call and will alone win 2-1 or something.

The affair is anybody in top 100 gets them, they are just so adequate in their added amateur that they accomplish up for those BS games.

I play abundant amateur to get gold 2/3. I admission about adequate internet but fifa just takes so abundant added for it to be smooth. Every added adventurous I play is fine!

Yet fifa has one moment per adventurous ( i apprehension it online too) breadth it just loses a brace of packets, you get the spinny amphitheater of doom for a microsecond afresh play resumes.

But band battles just cheers out because it's individual player. This needs to be changed, yes its to stop offline accepting cheesed but arise on. I admission apparently dc'ed as abounding as 50% of my amateur in absolute in SB.

I was on a adequate run one anniversary breadth I played all the amateur and was on clue in the T100. I dc'ed THREE of the 4 accumulation and that was it, Aristocratic was the end result of cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

I just accord up with it and just can't be agitated to even go for gold 2/3 anymore.