Mexicans use that chat in the Fifa Mobile Coins

The puto chants? Mexicans use that chat in the Fifa Mobile Coins faculty that you are calling anyone a fucker, not as a homophobic word. Although there is affluence of homophobes in Mexico.

I apperceive that, I in actuality accede with the fines and anticipate it's a brainless anticipate to defend, but it's actionable to be gay in Qatar so why is it bad for one seemimgly homophobic affair but ok for one acutely homophobic?

Because money. Idk why this is a question, Qatar paid top dollar franc for the cup, admitting Mexico, Germany, etc. didn't pay so that their admirers can be assholes.

If you anticipate of FIFA as a football mafia, a lot of their decisions alpha to accomplish added sense, at atomic in my mind.

When you're speaking about lining the pockets of castigation and your accompany in the amounts of millions, there's no such affair as hypocrisy.

Question out of 18-carat curiosity, would the Qataris do annihilation if an aboveboard gay amateur came out for the Apple Cup?

It's not homophobic in its accurate acceptation in that context.

But it is homophobic aback the chat "puto" is aswell a (very derogatory) argot for gay men.