Maybe afresh we will accept change

I just achievement that the all-around final in January will accede every little section of bits created by EA and FIFA 18 Coins betrayal them completely.

Maybe afresh we will accept change. But afresh again, February is addition condoning ages and I awful agnosticism a application will appear afore that. My assumption is we get able gameplay afterwards all the condoning possibilities are over.

Basically no adventitious to appropriately appraise the best players. Abnormally one ancillary ascribe adjournment or whatever babble al of a sudden makes my players about-face like trucks charcoal the aggressive spirit in this game.

Completely fucked game. Fifa 17 was in actuality debris already, but this is above aggregate I could imagine. There was bits at the finals endure year but i accept this year should be next level.

I anticipate we'll get a application possibly afterwards this month, at atomic that's how it's been done before. They never absolution one as backward as March, although i apperceive with their accomplished condoning arrangement it'll be fucked. But the bold is already fucked.

Absolutely agree, it's candidly best to just clean this bold of our shelves appropriate now. I'm in actuality arena to analysis the Bronze bank and get a brace added players to "complete" my appropriate team, which will accept no advance with the incredible acclimation act that's been harder coded.

Will leave it by New Year for abiding and grab the airheaded for those finals. 100% agreed I could handle 17 but this one.. Wow.

T100 players echo my points. Although at this date theres no point cogent you that as youre blindly absence analytic credibility and blooming acrimonious little locations to try feel bigger about yourself.

Once more, i didnt column a individual "complain post, bits post, beef post" all of endure year. Humans complained but i could get by, it was accept (gameplay).

I was no fucking bigger rank astute than this year and i didnt care, so your bits acumen goes in actuality out the window.

This year is unacceptable and the actuality you deceit see that is your opinion. But if you anticipate you can annoyer and try to put down the "whiners" who just dont see things your way, youre absolute fucking wrong.

So fix this bold (pre patch) or put it down and youll apprehend annihilation of me like endure year. Utterly simple.

Zero arrant just complete disappointment in the game, company, and bamboozled idiots who go out to abase others with such an elitist attitude (shittude, as you would apparently say) such as yourself.