Make a bright for every new TOTS

I'm (hopefully) traveling to be authoritative a bright for every new TOTS assuming what the player's best rating/chem style/position is FIFA 18 Coins. (The added TOTS MC teams and the EFL aggregation will be appear over the advance of the next few days.)

Sanson doesn't feel to me as 96 at cm. I use gladiator, he is adequate but not that good.

Well yeah the EA appraisement arrangement =/= how adequate the amateur in fact is in-game. It's just an indicator.

For example, no-one uses Ozil this year even admitting he's top rated, because his stats just aren't that abundant in the areas that the engine is congenital for.

I acclimated him for some time afterwards arranged him (i capital to advertise him but he was about abandoned 70k at pc) his shoots exhausted lots of top rated keepers calmly but yes his added stats annihilate the charm.

I concluded up affairs him, I didn't apprehension any change from his approved card. Knew there was a acumen he was so bargain abuse it, he looked absolute for my exercise team.

Don't yield his chat for it, i ahead he's amazing personally. You've accustomed me achievement lol, Him/Tolliso/Matuidi/Fekir all best cards will hopefully accomplish a antic midfield.

I accept this team, except I'm traveling with TOTS Meite until something bigger comes alternating (he's a beast).

Quite good, TOTS Theo Hernandez at LB as well.SBC Kurzawa has been absurd all year for me. Usually acquisition a way to clasp him in, was application him in a PL band on 7 chem until SIF Alonso.

For approaching TOTS, maybe you could appearance the stats for the a lot of accepted chem appearance (that isn't Basic) or the appearance that makes them the a lot of playable. Artist gives the accomplished ratings addition to a lot of positions.

However, it may not accomplish the agenda its a lot of able in-game. For example, El Ahmadi is allegedly added able with a Maestro; Glushakov with an Anchor; Sanson with a Maestro or an Engine; FIFA Mobile Coins or a lot of strikers with Hawk/Hunter.