​Madden NFL 24: 10 Best Linebackers, Ranked


At the point when teams need a major stop behind the line of scrimmage in Madden NFL 24, it's the linebackers they release to get the job done.

Linebackers are in an exciting moment in NFL history. As guarded linemen eat up blocks and safeties are progressively tasked with tackling, linebackers get to be the sack and mishandle generators in Madden NFL 24. Teams are routinely blitzing their linebackers.

The forcefulness makes this an exciting position that keeps offenses speculating. The best linebackers capitalize on this opportunity, crushing opponent backfields in Madden NFL 24 and preventing running backs from getting past the line of scrimmage.

Matthew Judon - LOLB - 89 OVR

Of all players who ought to be higher on this list, Matthew Judon's case is the easiest to argue. He has made the last four consecutive Star Bowls and just set a profession high in sacks last year. He's never played better than this and he was at that point playing a long time before then.

This might have more to do with New Britain than Judon by and by as the team took a pretty steep step in reverse. In fact, Judon was the main Patriot to make the Genius Bowl. Gamers predicted where the highest-ranked players would land and this was a particularly low score.

Bobby Wagner - MLB - 89 OVR

After one year with the Rams, Bobby Wagner is back with the Seahawks, the team where he won the Super Bowl and eight consecutive Ace Bowl grants. Assuming this list were about vocation accomplishments at the linebacker position, Wagner would be the highest MLB on it.

He's truly outstanding ever. Although he didn't get the Expert Bowl gesture last year, he kept vocation highs in games played and sacks, so his scorn was more about the Rams not playing great than his own play. Seattle fans will trust he never leaves from now onward.

Haason Reddick - LOLB - 90 OVR

The Falcons came to the Super Bowl last year after getting Haason Reddick and those two events are definitely related. Reddick tied for the association lead in constrained mishandles and was disruptive for Philadelphia the entire year, making his first Ace Bowl all the while.

The are a few probably stars for the Madden NFL 24 cover but on the off chance that the Hawks would have won that Super Bowl, there is a decent argument to be made that Reddick would have been on the shortlist. On the off chance that the team can move things along in all out attack mode end, the Falcons could without much of a stretch success it this forthcoming season.

Demario Davis - MLB - 90 OVR

North of eleven years, Demario Davis has just missed one game. He's playing his best football presently, making his first Genius Bowl in 2022 and setting profession highs in interceptions and sacks. That's a frightening prospect for those hoping to pass or go around the veteran.

Davis has established himself in four different teams as a quality center linebacker. The Saints are bringing him back in 2023 and trusting they can get their offense fixed. Assuming they do, Davis is prepared to do his part on the other side of the ball.

Lavonte David - MLB - 91 OVR

Super Bowl champion Lavonte David might have eleven years in the NFL and be eight years eliminated from his solitary Ace Bowl season but his consistency makes him vital. He started each of the 17 games last season and has never started under 12 games during a mission in his profession.

David's tackle numbers are up, too. Tampa Straight still has a Super Bowl team with the right quarterback, particularly with David playing this well. In the event that he can hang on for a couple of additional years, the Marauders get an opportunity to get him a subsequent title.

Joey Bosa - LOLB - 91 OVR

In seven seasons, Joey Bosa has simply figured out how to play a full season three times. Unfortunately, this incorporates last year as he missed everything except five games. All things being equal, Bosa has four Master Bowl selections since, when he is on the field, he changes the game.

The Chargers have quite possibly of the best safety in football to assist with shutting down passing. Assuming Bosa stays healthy and shuts down the run, the Chargers are a crew that can definitely bring home a title. Los Angeles just requirements a few health and best of luck for Bosa to be generally perceived as a true superstar.

Roquan Smith - MLB - 92 OVR

In a mid-season trade, Chicago traded Roquan Smith to Baltimore and they immediately regretted it. Smith made his first Expert Bowl and set a profession high in tackles and interceptions. Against the most talented quarterbacks, Smith secured the center of the field.

The Ravens possibly need some karma with regards to health insofar as Smith handles business on edge side of the ball. In the event that the team plays protection the manner in which he does, this crew is worthy of title consideration.

T.J. Watt - LOLB - 94 OVR

With T.J. Watt missing 7 of the 17 games last year, fans would have accepted an essentially normal season. Yet Watt still made the Ace Bowl and played at a significant level. It wasn't 2021 where he set the NFL single-season sack record but it was amazing to see.

Madden might skirt a year sooner or later but Watt wouldn't let injury stop him. The previous Protective Player of the Year could without much of a stretch improve statistically, particularly in the event that Pittsburgh commits to the supporting cast around their notable superstars.

Maxx Crosby - LOLB - 94 OVR

A stellar 2022 season gave Maxx Crosby his subsequent Star Bowl gesture in succession. He set vocation highs in tackles and sacks, mooring a protection needing assistance. The Bandits went to pieces last season on both sides of the ball despite Crosby playing like the best in the business.

With a purge, ideally, Las Vegas will give Crosby some more assistance. It's startling to think that Crosby is this great conflicting with constant twofold teams. With quite possibly of the best wide recipient in football, the Bandits can undoubtedly be better generally speaking inasmuch as Crosby continues to play at this level.

Fred Warner - MLB - 96 OVR

Center linebackers are often ignored by fans since they're responsible for stuffing runs and holding quarterbacks back from throwing the ball, those stats that don't often appear. Thankfully, the rating adjusters are on top of it and perceive the strength of Warner's down.

Against the game's best running backs, Warner is dauntless, limiting the ground game and constraining rival teams to take longer less secure passes. The 49ers guard is perceived as one of the greatest around and it's initiated by Warner.

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