​Madden NFL 24: 10 Best Kickers and Punters, Ranked


Anybody who should be persuaded that kickers and punters are athletes ought to perceive how frequently they're necessary in Madden NFL 24.

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There was a stereotype quite some time in the past that kickers and punters aren't "real" athletes. The people who make those arguments are deceived and can try and figure out how misled they are by playing Madden NFL 24. At the point when the gamer necessities to pin the opponent deep or hit a grasp field goal, they'll expect truly outstanding to take the field.

These kickers are probably the most elevated scoring players at any position. Fans may not fantasize about playing a punter, however they'll bounce all over when a decent one in Madden NFL 24 powers opponents into a sack situation. The people who plan to play the game for quite a while will observe that a superstar in this area is as valuable as a superstar anywhere else.

Bryan Anger - P - 80 OVR

Bryan Anger drove the league in punting yards back in 2013 and made a Pro Bowl in 2021. Having that kind of progress throughout that amount of time means that he's quite possibly of the most predictable player in a position soiled with conflicting players.

All the best guarded linemen are capable of capitalizing on bad field positions for the offense, something Anger gives the teams he plays on regularly. Dallas has the certainty of knowing that in any event, when the offense sputters, Anger will bail them out.

Logan Cooke - P - 81 OVR

Logan Cooke is finally getting a few eyes on him after four years in the league. The Jaguars haven't been impressive until last season. During his initial three seasons, Cooke was fantastic, yet it's hard for a punter to stand out in a team in disarray.

Keeping the ship steady, Cooke and Jacksonville had a breakout year and made it into the playoffs this last season. The top linebackers in the business love to get sack opportunities and Cooke provides at least a couple of them each season.

Johnny Hekker - P - 81 OVR

Johnny Hekker has a few awesome pieces of history in his four-time Pro Bowl career. Aside from his Super Bowl win with the Rams, he also has the longest punt in Super Bowl history, reaching an astonishing 65 yards. He also has the most elevated net average punting yards in a season with 46.

At the point when players notice things going appropriate for Los Angeles, they may see having one of the most incredible cornerbacks around. This is valid, however consider that guards are in a greatly improved position thanks to the way Hekker punts the ball away.

Jake Elliott - K - 81 OVR

Many will recall Jake Elliott's most memorable season. He actually possesses the records for longest field goal by a rookie (61), longest field goal by a rookie in the playoffs (53), and longest field goal by a rookie in the Super Bowl. He and the Eagles won that Super Bowl to cap off one of the most mind-blowing rookie campaigns by a kicker of all time.

However Elliott has proved that the main year was no fluke. His accuracy has increased from that point forward and he still regularly kicks field goals in the center 50s. Having made a Pro Bowl from that point forward, Philadelphia has seen Elliott have a fruitful career in the league up until this point.

Ryan Stonehouse - P - 82 OVR

Although Ryan Stonehouse is on this rundown, there is a long list of reasons to say that having him at this OVR is way excessively low. He set a NFL standard with 53.1 yards per punt this last season. That season, amazingly, was his rookie year. Breaking a record in year one ought to have knocked some people's socks off.

However, some way or another, he didn't get a Pro Bowl section. Having the most games averaging 50+ yards per punt in a solitary season at any point ought to have put the league on notice. Regardless, Titans fans are happy this underrated player is in their team.

Tommy Townsend - P - 83 OVR

Assuming it seems like Patrick Mahomes and top-level tight end Travis Kelce are always in pretty fortunate situations, that's no accident. Tommy Townsend pins opposing offenses back, allowing the protection to make a quick stop and giving the offense an advantage on the field.

This last season, Townsend won Special Teams Player of the Week and Month, respects usually given solely to kickers. The league is perceiving the importance of a punter over a big picture approach and season because of how Townsend helped out his Super Bowl champion Bosses.

Graham Gano - K - 83 OVR

Having been in the game starting around 2009, previous Pro Bowler Graham Gano comes up grip when his team needs him. He's actually kicking field goals well more than 50 yards and has an accuracy of more than 90% last season. Age has just improved Gano's abilities.

Gano holds the longest field goal records for two unique teams, Washington and Carolina. However his most impressive streak was in New York where he kicked 37 straight field goals. The Giants are a team known for world class running backs yet Gano merits all the praise he gets.

Daniel Carlson - K - 83 OVR

The Vikings released Daniel Carlson back in his 2018 rookie season. That ended up being an immense mistake. Carlson has driven the league in scoring two times and is right now the third-most accurate kicker in the NFL. Las Vegas is happy that this dominance has been in their favor.

Kicking more than 90% throughout the previous three years, Carlson also set a career-high with a 57-yard field goal. In the event that his range proceeds to expand and his accuracy remains where it is, the Raiders will be winning the majority of their nearby games sooner rather than later.

A.J. Cole III - P - 83 OVR

After a 2021 Pro Bowl season where A.J. Cole III kicked for north of 44 yards per punt, Cole managed to have a far superior 2022, hitting almost 49 yards per punt. Pro Bowlers getting better at any position is a scary indication of what is to come.

For the Raiders, their disastrous season last year had at least the special teams as a splendid spot. They have two of the best in the game and one of the top wide recipients in football. With some stability at the quarterback spot, Cole will put his protections into situations where they can dominate matches.

Justin Tucker - K - 91 OVR

Justin Tucker is frequently argued to be the best kicker of all time. While gamers quarrel over who the best quarterback in the game is, not many argue that anybody is superior to Justin Tucker. He holds NFL records for accuracy, longest field goal, and most 50+ yard field goals in a game.

On the off chance that he gets another Pro Bowl gesture, he'll tie for the most Pro Bowl appearances ever by a kicker. This is a position of outrageous volatility and yet fans in Baltimore can depend on Tucker following through in the grip regardless of how far the goalposts are.

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