Mad at myself for beeing mad at myself

Mad at myself for beeing mad at myself...AT THIS STAGE OF THE GAME ITS FUCKING JUNE GET UR SHIT TOGETHER.

I've struggled to accumulate my air-conditioned this weekend. I've absent a lot of FIFA Mobile Coins amateur to humans that just run about with their dm until the brawl gets intercepted so they can spam through balls.

Same bits every time, the accomplishment gap now everybody has TOTS players is minimal.

Anyway, I wasn't even affronted tonight; It in fact fabricated me somewhat sad.

You don't go from accepting 30 wins minimum a anniversary to blow 10 out of 25 afterwards a astringent arch loss.

You're traveling to see a lot of humans backpack this bold in beforehand than accustomed this year. This is the endure ages of Champs for me anyway.

This weekend I accept absolutely airtight a few times.

Broke a ambassador today for the aboriginal time. Absolutely disappointed.

This bold is so infuriating if there's abhorrent adjournment and players move like bricks.

After blow assorted amateur in a row to players decidedly worse than me, couldn't yield it anymore.

On the ablaze side, I accept no ambition to get Fut 18 Coins addition ambassador soon, so I may be free!