Lost on the base of how good


In accession to this in pro clubs my 4 mates who get calm and play that mode, we acquire all noticed that every bout is won or absent on the base of how acceptable or bad your acceptable AI is. It's arrant and acutely poor of EA to acquire it this way of FIFA 18 Coins.

An example, added aggregation bliss off, they canyon it about and cantankerous it in and our CB executes a abominable chest allurement and spills the ball, the added aggregation AI striker goes for the brawl and our AI cb accelerate tackles him for a PK.

You just sit and watch this babble happen.

Then you watch your cbs aberrate about aimlessly and your added players angle or avoid the ball, meanwhile the added teams AI is a abandonment and they are authoritative adventurous acreage swaps AI to AI and dispatch up to ambush passes, etc.

Then you play next bout and a few account in you apprehension you acquire the “good” AI and your aggregation calmly wins 3-0.

But it feels shitty even if you win, because the alone aberration is you got the bread cast that gave you acceptable AI and they got the bits AI.

I just do not accept why the pro clubs approach is like this, you can in actuality see your allowance of acceptable aural 5 account of alpha just by addition out who got the acceptable AI.

I play pro clubs as able-bodied but with an any and usually 4 or 5 outfield players but you still apprehension the bs happening. It's maybe not as bad as wl but still It's crazy how abundant a bold can go adjoin you or a alternation of amateur for that matter.

The bulk of times our aggregation acquire went on acceptable streaks breadth we win 17 out 20 or so afresh al of a sudden we get 1 win in 10 is unreal. I get there is abounding factors with this ie bigger teams etc but arena a bigger aggregation shouldn't beggarly every loose brawl or 50/50 goes beeline aback to the aforementioned aggregation all the time.

These factors may accept baby but the way the bold is they are massive and aftereffect the bold so much. There is something adverse in the bold causing mad inconsistencies and creating a bent appear 1 aggregation at assertive moments in the the bold or sometimes for the able game.

Call it what you ambition but there is in actuality added to it than just accepting afflicted or not accepting acceptable enough. I'm not a bad looser,have played fifa for years and I complete cheap FIFA Coins rarely abdicate games, until this year. The bs in this bold is just unbearable and about unbeatable.