Lost Ark: ​Salvation or Nightmare on GS


Meta is crit/spec/salvation and crit/spec/swift to deal with nightmare. Salvation is generally recommended for the 7M skill tree, with cooldown gems with high levels. There's some debate over whether our version is equipped with enough skills points to run the 7M skill tree effectively. If you're not at the top on skillpoints with our version, I'd typically advise against 7M lost ark gold.

The 7M Crit/Spec nightmare is technically the one with the highest dps. But the majority of people don't go this route because of the low accuracy and qol for skills.

The standard is 1300-1400 Criteria for non-LWCs and 11001200 Criteria for LWC. If you're going to crit/spec then the rest of the statistics will be incorporated into the specifications. If you're looking for crit/spec/swift, most people suggest 500 swift and the rest of the stats on specs.

You could also complete crit/swift by putting everything that is not crit into swift. This was the original meta prior to the crit/spec/swift. DPS differentials aren't as significant due to the poor scaling of spec for GS, but the crit/swift build demands that you keep greater dps levels to stay on top of the damage game.

In terms of the KR meta GS build changed from (1) nightmare of crit/swift to (2) nightmare of crit/spec/swift, and finally the present-day transition towards (3) Crit/spec salvation. 2 3 is due to the shift towards the 7M skill tree.

To earn points for skill you will need to complete all four most damaging skills: such as focus shot, target-down dual buckshot sharpshooter, and dual buckshot. Then, you can max out bullet rain and 12 of (depending on the 6M vs. 7M) disaster, perfect shot or shotgun rapid fire (in the version we have, either 6th and 7th skills will not count as level 12 skills with 7M tree. You will be forced to give up various handgun tripods for utility). Shotgun rapid fire is slowly being discarded.

I'm just going to mention that GS is so much more smooth when Shotgun Rapid Fire being dropped. Not only is it great to have a longer handgun stance to avoid or blocking things, but we will don't have to ever again use our spacebars to use an ability that is one of the most slow and most awkward capabilities available in our arsenal.

This makes the two hit combo much easier also, as the duration of buffs is a perfect fit for the Spiral Tracker and Quick Step combo to the main damage skills, without the hassle of having to incorporate Shotgun Rapid Fire in. It's an excellent filler currently, which can bridge the gap between my cooldowns, and it's more enjoyable.

If only we could switch stances during a Focused shot , as we do using Sharpshooter to stop or animation to make a more efficient or more secure combination... buy lost ark gold hot as well be able to fit an 'Letter to the Editor' level of the die-in tripod... the ultimate dream.