Latest Elden Ring Patch Still Doesn't Address Performance Issues


On July 4, FromSoftware released a minor update for Elden Ring, introducing a few balance tweaks and bug fixes following the launch of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. However, these changes have been overshadowed by growing player frustration over FromSoftware's ongoing failure to address the game's persistent performance issues.


Persistent Performance Problems


Elden Ring continues to suffer from inconsistent frame rates, particularly on PC, where the game struggles to maintain a reliable 60 frames per second, even in performance mode. Despite numerous updates, FromSoftware has rarely addressed this issue directly in their patches, often suggesting players make their own adjustments instead.


In the patch notes for update 1.12.3, FromSoftware included a section titled "Possible unstable performance fixes." This section offered troubleshooting advice rather than concrete solutions. For PlayStation 5 users experiencing unstable frame rates, the developer suggested rebooting the console in safe mode and using the "rebuild database" option. PC players were advised to disable third-party mouse applications and ensure that ray tracing had not been unintentionally enabled. Additionally, PC players encountering unwarranted anti-cheat messages were instructed to "verify the integrity of the game's files before restarting the game."


"It's absolutely wild to me that instead of patching performance they continue to recommend placebo fixes," wrote one commenter on Reddit. Another user echoed this sentiment, stating, "Performance issues? We think it's you, yep. Now go ahead and do stuff no other game requires, because it's your PC's/PS5's fault."

Expert Analysis


Gaming tech experts at Digital Foundry recently revisited their analysis of Elden Ring after the release of Shadow of the Erdtree and found that "long-standing tech issues remain unaddressed."


"Seemingly no good progress has been made after two years," Digital Foundry reported. "Few developers match this studio's craft in world-building and 3D combat. But on every platform, we're seeing a developer that ignores key technical issues time and again. Shadow of the Erdtree's release once again reminds us that obvious, persistent issues in the studio's output are being overlooked."


Balance Tweaks and Bug Fixes


Despite the ongoing performance issues, FromSoftware did implement several changes to improve the game's balance and fix various bugs. The patch nerfed the Swift Slash skill in player-versus-player combat, extended the throwing attack range of the Smithscript Dagger and Cirque, and adjusted the placement of bosses in the second encounter with the Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Gaius.


Several bugs were also addressed. Notably, a bug that caused enemies to heal themselves continuously after their health had been decreased by the Black Knife The summon was fixed. These changes aim to improve the overall gameplay experience, though they do not address the core performance problems plaguing many players.


Elden Ring Runes and Items Adjustments


The update also made subtle adjustments to Elden Ring Runes and Elden Ring Items. These changes ensure a more balanced progression system, with no single rune or item overpowering others, fostering a more strategic approach to combat and exploration. These tweaks, while minor, contribute to a more equitable gameplay experience.


Community Reaction


The community's reaction to the patch has been mixed. While some players appreciate the balance changes and bug fixes, the persistent performance issues remain a significant point of contention. Many players feel that FromSoftware's suggested fixes are insufficient and that the studio is neglecting crucial technical improvements that would enhance the overall gaming experience.


In summary, while the July 4 update for Elden Ring brought some welcome balance tweaks and bug fixes, it failed to address the critical performance issues that continue to frustrate players. The gaming community remains hopeful that future updates will finally tackle these problems, ensuring that Elden Ring can be enjoyed at its full potential across all platforms. Until then, players will need to rely on community-suggested workarounds and hope for more substantial fixes in the near future.