Last Epoch Rune Master Patch: Potential Changes and Balancing


In the dynamic world of Last Epoch, patches often bring about shifts in gameplay mechanics and balance adjustments. The recent Rune Master Patch has introduced several powerful elements that may warrant scrutiny from developers. In this article, we'll delve into some aspects of the patch that could potentially face nerfs or adjustments in future updates.

Frost Wall and the Prepared Wards Node:

One of the standout features of the Rune Master Patch is the Prepared Wards node in conjunction with Frost Wall. This combination allows players to gain infinite Flame Ward activations, providing a significant defensive advantage. The ability to stack multiple charges of Flame Ward without significant cooldowns has made certain builds exceedingly resilient.

However, this synergy may prove to be too potent, especially in terms of defensive layers. With Flame Ward acting as a hallmark defensive ability for several classes, the Prepared Wards node might be subject to adjustment. Introducing a cooldown mechanic to Frost Wall could balance this interaction, ensuring that players need to strategize and engage actively rather than relying solely on passive defenses.

Aspirant's Arrival and Frost Wall Empowerment:

Another node that has drawn attention is Aspirant's Arrival, which empowers the next spell cast after moving through Frost Wall with significantly increased damage. While this mechanic encourages dynamic gameplay, its exclusivity to Runic Invocation and Glyph of Dominion limits its versatility.

Expanding the scope of Aspirant's Arrival to include any mage spell could enhance its appeal across different builds. Additionally, imposing a cap on the damage increase could prevent it from becoming excessively powerful, fostering better balance within the game's meta.

Edict of the Scion and Ward Generation:

Edict of the Scion offers a substantial boost to ward generation upon using area skills, providing a reliable source of defense for Rune Masters. However, its placement within the skill tree and its effectiveness raise concerns about its accessibility and impact.

Moving the Edict of the Scion to a more prominent position within the Rune Master tree could better reflect its significance as a class-defining feature. Moreover, adjusting the ward generation mechanic to scale with intelligence or introducing a cooldown could ensure a more balanced distribution of defensive capabilities.

Freezing Point and Frostbite Conversion:

Freezing Point enables players to convert armor shreds into frostbite chances for cold spells, significantly amplifying the effectiveness of frost-based builds. While the concept is appealing, the current one-to-one conversion ratio might prove to be too advantageous, particularly with the potential for stacking armor shreds.

Implementing a scaled conversion ratio or introducing a cap on frostbite chance could mitigate the overwhelming power of this mechanic while still preserving its viability for frost-focused builds.

Jagged Veil and Critical Strike Bonuses:

Jagged Veil offers a substantial ward generation mechanic based on critical strikes, providing Rune Masters with a reliable means of sustaining defenses. However, the sheer magnitude of ward generation from this node, coupled with its accessibility, warrants scrutiny.

Adjusting the ward generation rate or relocating Jagged Veil within the skill tree hierarchy could promote better balance and encourage more diverse build options.

Bright Frost and Ailment Cleanse:

Bright Frost's ability to cleanse ailments on cast presents a powerful defensive utility, but its mechanics could be refined for better consistency. The current implementation, which cleanses the entire stack of ailments, may undermine other cleanse mechanics in the game.

Introducing a percentage-based chance to cleanse ailments or reevaluating the cleansing mechanics could ensure a more balanced and intuitive experience for players.

Volum of Glass and Skill Interactions:

Volum of Glass offers a unique enhancement to Frost Claw but is currently affected by a bug that alters skill interactions. Rectifying this issue and ensuring that skill mechanics align with intended design principles will be crucial for maintaining gameplay integrity.


The Rune Master Patch has introduced several exciting mechanics and build possibilities to Last Epoch. However, with innovation comes the need for balance and refinement. By addressing potential areas of imbalance and adjusting mechanics where necessary, developers can ensure a more engaging and equitable experience for all players. As the game continues to evolve, ongoing feedback and iteration will be essential in shaping its future direction.

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