Improving alcove breeze design


Improving alcove breeze design, it can't be this simple. I anticipate we accede that the dungeons that crave "collect 2 things and accompany here" are somewhat tedious, and respawning mobs won't absolutely advice that (in actuality it will apathetic you down!)

To me the band-aid is simple, attractive at clasic Zelda amateur for inspiration.

The allowance to which you charge to accompany the boxes has 5 doorways:

- The one you enter, which leads from the alcove access itself.

- Two arch to adjoining apartment which accommodate the boxes, but abaft closed doors.

- Two arch to altered paths that snake off to these rooms, but already the allowance is cleared, and the box collected, the aperture opens and you anon reenter the capital room, abode your aboriginal box, and arch out the added aperture to do the aforementioned via the other, as yet adopted alleyway arch to the added box room.

No backtacking, simple design, the amount allowance forms the centre, with 3 paths:

- One of which leads from the alcove access to the capital (core) room.

- 2 which amphitheater aback to the capital allowance (via the box rooms, which, in case you absent it, are anon adjoining to, but blocked by a one-way door).

This allows for the randomised agreeable to be the three corridors, with two actuality loops aback to the adjoining rooms.

Am I missing somehting, or is this not the simplest way to fix backtracking? Here i advice you go to

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