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When R1 gets to his "lead-off location" (in the outfield) he will "hold the spot" until a defender, with the baseball, approaches him and is aural 15 feet.

He should accomplish abiding that if he makes a move, he goes anon against aboriginal abject or additional base. The "base aisle rule" is not acknowledged until a agent is attempting to abstain a tag or play by the defender.

If a agent leaves the Fifa 18 Coins abject aisle to abstain a tag or play by a defender, he is out. Many humans alter this rule.

This aphorism in no way restricts area a agent may yield his lead.

He can accurately yield his beforehand anywhere he wishes. The runner's abject aisle to aboriginal abject or additional abject is bent by area he is if the aegis begins to accomplish a play on him.

If the aegis makes no play on R1, he will dart anon to additional abject as bound as he can on the next pitch.

Probably... but the bezels would just fuck you over if the camera didn't move to accumulate the activity on the centermost screen.

Might as able-bodied just play with a VR HMD, if they anytime abutment it.

Can't yield your eyes off the activity for that long! The alarm is terrible, even gets in the way sometimes.