​Idk who desires to listen this however


Going 13/27 in a loss isn't always excellent.

Especially now no longer once you cross in sport chat and say your teammates are not gambling group ball after 1 region at the same time as you are 2/7. So you & your boy ball hog and lose the lead withinside the subsequent 2 mins doing so.

Especially now no longer if on the quit of the sport you try and brag approximately going 13/27 and say the group by no means had the lead, at the same time as the field rating withinside the 1st region actually says the group did.

Points aren't the most effective contribution to a basketball sport and it actually does not make you higher than different teammates. Seems like maximum randoms on this sport do not know that mmoexp 2k23 mt hot sale now.

Congratulations to procure 30 in a loss. If all yall wanna do is whine approximately now no longer getting the ball extra after 1 region of play, yall must be gambling with a complete group or a few shit. Most gamers simply wanna win regardless of if they arrive out with five factors, three assists and zero throughout the relaxation.

But nvm that to procure 30 going 13/27 & 2 assists and the entire opposing group scored on you in some unspecified time in the future with an L. You proper.

Here is my theory.

We all should play our NBA video games proper? We gotta get that grind on.

What I sense occurs is that children are so used to gambling the ones video games with the aid of using themselves most effective getting assists whilst the task or goal requires it and dominating the sport. I understand I do. I sense horrific for Joker due to the fact he isn't always gonna get again to again to again MVPs.

But once they get into the rec, they sense that its as much as them to win the sport for the group like they do withinside the NBA video games. That is why you notice dribbling and fade aways at the same time as being guarded. Because they had been capable of do withinside the NBA video games time and again and over again.

But they do not recognize that the fellow who's guarding them had shielding badges that restrict their offensive badges. So all that shit you be doing wont paintings. But they do not know the way to do something else due to the fact their basketball IQ is so low.

They do not study mis suits and rancid ball motion due to the fact they're now no longer searching at you, they're searching at their defender and seeing whilst they could do the junk mail dribble and attempt a step again.

Its all hero ball withinside the rec.