I run two teams and accessible brownish packs

If EA will not abolish the abortive abstraction of exercise from UT, at atomic displace the complete club's exercise to 99 at the end of a season/tournament/10 games.

At the end of the season/tournament/10 games, all the players get aback to 99. It would yield such a bulk off FIFA 18 Coins of us and I wouldn't apperception it so much.

Right now, with contracts, administrator contracts, fitness, injuries, chem styles, position change cards, administrator leagues, it's a fucking blend and a half. It's Ultimate Team, and the point is to play amateur with your team. Not Ultimate Football Manager.

I run two teams and accessible brownish packs. Haven't bought a exercise agenda or arrangement agenda all year.

Healing cards on the added hand...I accept to aces up injuries just afterwards I annual the cards.

All those untradeable TOTS packs beggarly I accept at atomic a dozen healing cards for every abrasion but I abandoned accept abandoned exercise cards atm and no aggregation exercise cards.

Bronze packs is able for exercise cards, it just takes ages to get enough...Especially for Weekend League.

Imo, IF they took out fitness, contracts, injuries, or wtv, the packs would allegedly be added big-ticket or smaller. The backfire from the association to that activity would be bigger than accepting to administer fitness.

Plus, as is, it offers accumulation for those who affliction to barter such consumables.

There is aswell some artisan maybe anyone abroad can ample us in on accompanying to how abounding managers you accept in your annual and how abounding affairs you get activated with arrangement cards.

I bethink in Fifa 16 if i never awash any of my administrator cards because i didnt wish to bother i would get like +28-30 affairs out of a accepted attenuate gold arrangement card.

Another accession would be befitting exercise cards in the bold but instead of accepting them on the bazaar you can buy them from the store. So instead of paying 1300 Coins about you can buy them from EA for 500.

I never accepted why you can't buy those blazon of cards from some array of EA shop, rather than added players in the market.

You charge them to play the game, they should accommodate them.

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