I played a guy in the DKT in FIFA

Does anyone abroad get in fact affronted by how brainless some humans are to anticipate that way of FIFA Mobile Coins Buy. I played a guy in the DKT on monday, it was the aboriginal annular too and he was dreadful.

He had 18 shots with his air-conditioned team, I exhausted him 6-0. One of my goals was lucky, it was a backlash from a corner, the blow area holes in his defence that I could accept had 11 players run through the gap at the aforementioned time ancillary by side.

He ends up accepting like 18 shots with like 3 central the box, I accept 8 shots 7 on ambition and I denticulate 6 times, I had a canyon accurateness of about about 87 and his was in the low 70's and afresh he letters me cogent me how bad and advantageous I am and how he should accept won the game.

Just because I don't pop attack every adventitious I get and formed acceptable affairs every time I got the ball. Accession huge delusion is that added ascendancy equals you should accept won.

I about never accept ascendancy because I play a absolute fast beeline to the point offense, no LT Rt dribbling or any of that bits to cull players out, just beeline to the point, I generally end up accident ascendancy like 60-40 to these humans who just distill backwards and canyon about to try get me to accomplish a aberration but afresh they get balked and shoot from alfresco the box and usually miss, afresh feel advantaged to the win because they had all of the ball.

Actually, if you accept 17 shots central the box and adversary 70 GK is assuming like Spiderman, while his alone 2 antic shots canyon canal yout Neuer hands, that's an obious affidavit of scripting.

We all had these games, we all apperceive is true. I don't bethink the endure day i didn't absent amateur area i in fact burst my opponent, but absent 1-0 with a bend bang ambition while i get the statistics: 65% possesion, 25 shots/20 on target, 20 tackles, 15 corners, etc.

In fact, i anticipate this is the a lot of arresting allotment of this bold and the acumen i chock-full amphitheatre FUT. You can altercate actuality and adjure all gods. If your IQ passes your shoes number, you can't abjure these facts.

Big affair with FIFA for a acceptable few years now is that accepting arresting + adverse advancing is WAY added able than any added play style.

It's a appearance area you will not actualize as abounding affairs but the ones you do are added acceptable to be "clear cut" ones due to the way the bold is balanced.

Lots of possession/lots of shots doesn't agreement a win anywhere abreast as abundant as it should.

The bold in fact isn't cogitating of absolute activity amateur statistically.

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