I Feel Will Accomplish Band Battles Better

A Baby Change That I Feel Will Accomplish Band Battles Better! Accord something aback to the band creators!

At the end of anniversary band activity game, ask the amateur to bulk the band he came up FIFA 18 Coins adjoin from 1-5.

At the end of anniversary week, accord the band architect some absorbing admonition - Including and not bound to:

- The boilerplate appraisement acclimatized by the players to the squad.

- How abounding times that band was akin up adjoin in the endure week.

- What was the AI difficulty.

- What was the W-L ratio.

- Goals denticulate vs conceded etc.

Just a little something to animate the "community" aspect of the game. In approach its alright, but in convenance it would be a agglomeration of acrid players giving bits ratings out to any band that gave them adversity haha.

I feel like you should get a baby aggregate of bill every time your aggregation plays too. Anyone anytime play the Forza games? They do that. Actual baby amount, but still nice to log in to.

That's how it was in PES2017- you would acquire some bill bead by circadian could could could could could could cause you're adored aggregation played/SIMed adjoin added players.

I’d adulation to apperceive if anyone played my band and how they got on adjoin it! I would at atomic like to apperceive how my aggregation did. Ratings adeptness backfire.

Would be abundant to see how my band did in the week. Wouldnt put in the appraisement as humans will get able acrid and just down vote you because they couldn't exhausted you. Acceptable abstraction though.

Is there a specific way we acquire to actualize a band or does it just yield one from our list? Could cause I've consistently wondered how they aces which teams we play.