I feel like drive is abstracted from fifa coins

As addition user acicular out, these are added examples of "scripting." Drive is harder to show/prove but its added like your players acceptable sluggish, shots hitting the post, rebounds traveling anon to opponents, etc.

I feel like drive is abstracted from Fifa 18 Coins scripting though, the closing of which you acquaint abundant examples of.

Scripting is just as annoying of course, apparently worse because it's rarer but abundant added brutal.

the AI determines assertive plays advanced of time. these are two actual acceptable examples of that.

i accept aswell noticed this with passing. if a canyon is traveling to be intercepted, you can acquaint advanced of time because AI will about-face to the intercepting amateur afore they accept the ball.

This sometimes gets busted up and the intercepting amateur isn't abutting abundant to intercept,so what they do is apathetic down or alter the added team's players until they can get the amateur they capital to ambush into the adapted position.

Yeah there is a agglomeration of arresting bits in FIFA.

Ultimately I still adore the bold and play it a agglomeration but things like what you mentioned, the bang off boost.

The auto-lunging defenders (but alone sometimes), the accomplished esplanade the bus & counter-attack meta, etc. are annoying.