I even authorize the next 3 times

Do you accept to get gold in all weekend leagues of the ages to get Cheap FIFA 18 Coins account rewards? Alone just did my aboriginal weekend alliance endure weekend.

82 wins in June weekend alliance to get Gold 3 monthly. It's just about complete wins in a ages (5 weekends in June).

That's 16 wins per weekend. I won 16 my aboriginal weekend and now I am not qualified. So now I accept to achievement to win 22 3 weekends to get gold 3 for instance.

Hell I accept to accomplish abiding I even authorize the next 3 times to get 12 wins a weekend for argent 1 to try and get a individual gold red IF.

That's why I'm tilted.

I anticipation I'd already done what I bare to do to get the gold account reward. Is there a account anywhere which says how abounding wins over the ages you accept to get to get gold or elite?

It shows on the animate if you attending at account leaderboard.

I can acquaint you it's 52 for argent 1, 82 for Gold 3. Afresh it goes up by about 10 per rank from there.

What it affectionate of works out to is...If you got a rank + 2 wins anniversary week, you'd jump to the next rank for the monthly.

IE if you got Gold 3 (+2 wins so 20) you'd get Gold 2. If you got Argent 1 per weekend (+2 wins so 16) you'd get Gold 3.

So if account Gold 2 is 21 wins and you get 23 I anticipate you'd accept Gold 1 monthly.

This isn't in fact appropriate as it's amid 1-2 wins aloft but you get the FIFA Coins idea.

I didn't even get that I got offered weekend alliance admission only, so I said to them advanced a address to the specialist aggregation to see if they can admission me marquinhous.