I completely miss the AS/CDR breakpoints


I started playing RF Jugg because it was my first tournament and seemed to be the most beginner-friendly choice. completing my voidstones quite comfortably (thanks to the pob transaction search function). I get frustrated because I don't know what to grow to make money and most of the juice content on youtube feels like it needs MF equipment - Path Of Exile Currency & Items on MMOexp.com. I also gave up 10 gods to make 1 tree before giving up.

Relaunched Lightning Arrow's dead eye with MF gear (originally used a cheap giga setup with white vibrating tube and ascetic). I'm a bit older, but I don't generally like being weak and have trouble bowing. I'll come back with a better bow at some point, but I hate crafting weapons because I feel like I can't sink more than 20 gods into a slot without crafting a crucible and I hate the crucible.

I increased the aurabot + MF spark inquisitor on the second account to play with the other hand at the same time. Awesome, I learned a lot about how to increase damage rate in this game. Honestly, I had a really good setup, but playing 2 characters at the same time was not fun and that made me spend a lot of time in a hideout, that kind of broke. point. Also, buying sextants and especially scarabs is boring. Honestly, if I could play either separately it would be 8/10.

Manaforged Heirophant revived. This build required more game knowledge than I had at the time. Especially since I immediately switched to the required version. My resistors are a bit damaged and I completely miss the AS/CDR breakpoints. Interesting build, but not as perfect as many other less complicated builds. I will definitely be back in the future, super cool concept. I resurrected it mainly because I was looking for an extremely comfortable/fast mapper, but I quickly realized that playing the controlled heir actually requires a decent amount of buttons, Honestly, the tracking . 6/10 but I can see it's 9/10 if I know what I'm doing or care about digging. Maybe revisiting with a mage now, but honestly, I'm more interested in testing out what I can do in the next tournament, and a build where I need a magic blood mage for comfort seems less appealing (I know many people who play this build go crazy without starting with a mage, but I don't have the knowledge to do that yet).

The revival element explodes RF. It makes perfect sense to what I said about managed heirs. The minimal buttons, very obviously, also have RF equipment. 9.5/10 build, the only problem is that I had the same problem as before I got FOMO from card mining without magic. Honestly, the development is smooth from point to point and every upgrade is very impactful. I had a +2 amulet before, I made a rune dagger +2. Having a much bigger RF aoe was great, Oriath ended up being the next big update and all of a sudden I blew up the maps. I just raised my mage blood last night, so proud to have accomplished this in my premier league. I have exams starting tomorrow so I can't complete my goals for this character yet, but I'm super excited about any potential purchases/crafts and have them all mapped out . I want to feed the legion and I can't clear the entire circle at once, but I know I'm only a few gems away from clustering. True fire elemental doesn't seem to be the most common build, there are no specific instructions, so I've definitely forged my own path a bit, which makes me feel good.

One problem I've had in this tournament (especially in the last 2 weeks or so) is that investing in non-MF characters feels awful to me, because doing white card beasts turned out to be more profitable than almost anything I could do on a godly 400 build. My MF tests haven't really worked out yet, but I still feel like FOMO isn't the MF version. I've farmed white beasts for most of my mage blood, I'm super excited to get it, super excited to try new farming strategies. I did a day of Legion+beyond+deli and made half my earnings doing white beasts... Honestly, I spent a lot of the latter part of this tournament testing for next tournament and plan/learn. I'm literally sitting in my chair waiting for the next LOL tournament, very excited (waiting for announcements).

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