I aswell run a podcast alleged FUT FM

I'd be absorbed for sure, I'm the dude with the 11 page post/the 43 minute video on the past/present about this, I aswell run a podcast alleged FUT FM and accept been accomplishing the Academy alternation actuality on the aftereffect (and on Cheap FIFA 18 Coins YouTube) for a while. Been arena the alternation for a looooong time. I plan in agenda business btw.

I'd acknowledgment the issues that the association is adverse (from arrant microtransactions to gameplay bugs), the petition, and what admirers ambition to see from EA to actualize a bigger game/profit balance. Anyway, blessed to admonition in any way that's needed!

I'm so blessed this is accepting the absorption it deserves. I adulation the abstraction of bringing in an able in adolescent psychology, as we adults accept a bit added a apperception of our own and we're amenable for our own money.

Also a adolescent is developing itself and this could advance to an addictive tendency. We're mostly adults on actuality and this is a affair we tend to abolish because it doesnt affect us directly.

I plan and Live in London, not cool far from the BBC architecture abutting to Oxford Circus actually. I would be blessed to pop by. I accept been arena and showcasing in YouTube Weekend Alliance as abundant as I can (missed a brace due to added commitments), Gold 1 player, I accept spent about 80 GBP if I was aflame with the bold at the beginning, but no more.

Having said that, I anticipate not one accepting but a baby accumulation should appear to represent all of us, and as able-bodied so we can accept an organized access to this and say what needs to be said! So if you charge me - calculation me in.

Like you said the bulk of kids possibly affairs credibility and accepting absorbed to it would aching EA added than anything. Reddit could be able with this media intrest, instead of advertisement it and application the BBC to air our discrepancies we could use it to force EA to fix thier bits first.

They will already apperceive the aftereffect and clamor from a docementary accepting aired on prime time TV. As a association we could acquaint them if they don't fix thier bits i.e gameplay, numbers, backpack weight all the little applesauce accent afresh then we we will chase through with it.