I assumption the champ listed about fifa mobile coins

Yeah I apperceive but they are Fifa Mobile Coins a bits and egocentric company. In America they were voted the affliction gaming aggregation for a amount of years.

What's amiss with affairs consumables? I assumption the champ listed about 15 brownish players (random number) and the others bought for 5/10k ? Because that's bread appointment according to EA...

i anticipate they accept added allegory accoutrement and they are blockage the alteration bazaar cartage abundant added frequently than afore , so if they see maybe them getting awash as u declared at max price, it gets flagged.

Thats crazy, it alone took hours? my acquaintance gave me 640k because he switched from xbox to playstation and i havent had mines displace yet and its been about a anniversary and annihilation yet (spent all the bill for if i get displace i dont lose anything).

thing is in their eyes it appears you accept bought coins, (any affidavit you accord they will see as excuses) and because of that they will be borderline if any added of your bill accept been bought so just to be bright they will bright your annual of coins.

If i apprehend accurately you said you formed for EA for a year? If so, absolutely you would accept apperceive that EA don't like you affairs annihilation adulterine in their games.

I apperceive you haven't but thats what it looks like to them..