I anticipate this is aswell the Fifa 19 Coins


I anticipate this is aswell the Buy Fifa 19 Coins acumen my players still autoswitch admitting it accepting on chiral (I've arrested abounding times)An action airball is 20% of the time a switch, it should be 0%.

Sometimes my AI players attack a tackle, and the bold switches them to me afore they're aural 2 meters of the ball, fucking game.

If i got a nickel for every time the AI did a continuing fucking accouterment that missed, or got nutmegged I would be a affluent man.

Unfortunately i would accept to absorb those nickels on affairs new controllers afterwards smashing them babble at the brainless fucking bold accomplishing things for me i dont ambition it to do.

I anticipate this is hardcoded into the mechanics of the game. It would be acceptable for fifa 20/21 to absolutely carbon some locations of the bold though.

Only affair was the goalkeepers honestly. They let aggregate in. And maybe one added affair I can't bethink appropriate now. Afterwards the application they got baffled I think, not too abiding it was so continued ago.

I had no affair with that, it meant that if you got into a acceptable cutting position you would account unless you chose the amiss shot.

Searched through the comments and am I in actuality the alone one that noticed that you assuredly accept a greyed out figure aloft the amateur you will about-face to if you columnist L1/LB.

It′s a baby thing, but that change was in actuality due a continued time ago. I abhorrence if I use L1/LB to change the player, because im cerebration the amateur I wanna about-face to is afterwards a agnosticism the abutting to the brawl and afresh I columnist it and of advance the bold thinks otherwise. Now you will be able to see advanced which amateur you are gonna about-face to, finally.