I alone see him as Del Piero

AS Roma eSports still blame it. Sending out this cheep of what they anticipate Totti should attending like in FIFA 18. Lol 92? ppl please...Van Basten is 91.

I alone see him as Del Piero who is 90(Buy FIFA Mobile Coins)...but i still anticipate 89 wud be added ill-fitted for them.

Nedved Ballon d'or champ is 89, Shevchenko aswell Ballon d'or champ is 88 (robbery)...Cannavaro, Vieira, Scholes all lower...

As an Italian, Totti is the added best amateur we anytime had (I'm an Interista); just added to Baggio.

Don't say he's overrated if you haven't apparent him in his prime besides some highlights videos.

I'm an Inter fan myself too lol...Italian alliance is the aboriginal i started watching in 2003, year afore Roma accomplished 2nd i'd like to anticipate i've apparent his prime.

And no I anticipate you're bit deluded, 2nd best italian? Cannavaro, Maldini, Nesta, Buffon, Baggio as u said? Amuse man, I'm allurement you and anybody here- stop accepting prisoners of the moment.

He's not bigger than any of the amateur i mentioned in aboriginal animadversion and they're higher.

Furthermore 92 is something else. It should be aloof for ppl like Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho etc To sum up, yes he does deserve a fable card, but imo 88-89 is adequately right.

Also bit off-topic, How tf is Shevchenko an 88? Guy was my bigger abhorrence as an Inter fan, analogue of clinical, deserves a 90.

Well I abhorrence to say that but creating affairs and array it's added difficult to defend. Added legends you mentioned were Gods too, but Totti -and not alone now for his' retirement- was phenomenal.

Cannavaro won Baloon D'Or, but this prove nothing.

What does accolade added Totti than added is FIFA 18 Coins that he was consistend and alarming every bout aback he was 17; while others struggled some matches or even seasons, like Cannavaro for example.